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Smart, Expert or Genius? Nope, just above average and good at what I do, in my view…

I like to think a lot and learn allot, with lots of interests, my friends often view me as very smart, but kind eccentric with my views on life or things I do they aren’t interested in… In business some call me very Creative, Expert or professional… I like to think of myself as a Visual Problem Solver, through my Artistic abilities, thinking, view points and problem solving… But what I don’t tell my friends about is some of what I went through at Syracuse University…

While at Syracuse University picking up a 2nd major of Art Ed to my first of Illustration in the Visual Performing art’s college, I was asked if I was dyslexic do to my writing and horrible spelling in Art Ed lesson Plans… I had also learned that my thyroid was not working, and was in the process of finding the correct dosage…

So I went and got tested through one of the better learning disorder professionals in the area. I would end up spending lots of time in an interview with him, explaining my life, views and problems or challenges I might have and my health… Because of my thyroid problem and being brought up to the correct level, he explained the Thyroid controls the glands also in the mind and through out the body, and this too would have an impact on the tests… Then informed me I should be tested through this increased Thyroid dosage till I came to the correct levels, said I should be tree times to give a full accounting of this, then come to a result…

He gave standard IQ test & WAIS-III test, that really took some time to go through the different subtests & a 3rd test that helped to define and aim what kind of problems I might have, but First time through, I scored a 126 on the standard IQ test, then a 142, the third time a 176 on the standard IQ test & took the WAIS-III test… He also found I was Ambidextrous, both in side to side strength and use of my hands but also in thinking, Left Brain & Right Brain…

The tester explained later, I did have dyslexia of several different forms of it, but showed I have “Forms of very high Intelligences or Genius,” and I was often able to cover for my inabilities to write and spell well with these other “Higher Abilities”… He suggested I read Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, where he defines other forms of “Intelligence or Genius Characteristics”…

Howard Garnder, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education @ Harvard Graduate School of Education & adjunct professor of neurology @ Boston University School of Medicine. http://tinyurl.com/88b38

Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences where he defines 8 forms of intelligence:
Bodily-kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Verbal-linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Naturalistic, Intrapersonal, Visual-spatial, Musical…

This helped explain to the Professors I just had a problem with writing and spelling, and I needed to start to use computers to help with my dyslexic spelling and bad wording in typing papers… The same time period, I was just starting learning Macintosh Computers, and was able to buy one for college and for use in Freelance Graphic Design work- started using MS Word to type my papers… It also explains why I found I excelled in Ceramic’s- throwing clay on the wheel so easy to do and teach, being able to pull off the wheel very large amounts of clay or “throwing off the Hump” and was able to pull both left and right directions and my doing Pen & Ink stipple or Cross-Hatch shading techniques with both hands…

I did graduate from Syracuse University, with a dual major from the Education and Visual & Performing Colleges in Art Ed & Illustration, with 192 credits, with about a semester of Master’s credits in Ceramics, Presentation and Art Ed… I don’t like highlighting the tests, nor do I show my Degree’s- both collect dust on shelves and in files… Would rather be respected for what I do, morals, kindness, helping others, my abilities in art and marketing, understanding computers, websites, the internet, Visual Problem Solving and the interests I have in life…


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