Micro Business Incubator, Café Style

I have had an idea for creating an Internet café for a few years now (since 93). Do to my past work in the Syracuse Business Incubator, while at Syracuse University… I brought the idea back to my hometown, but refined it to be a Coffee/Internet Café, that could also sell local products in… The concept also include having Computers & Biz equipment onsite, computer classes on advertising, marketing and the Internet, packaging/mail service along with good coffee and sandwiches…

I did try this in my home town and got support locally- as Vice Pres to the Town Chamber of Commerce, I helping to start the towns Business Development Committee, and helped start a Small Biz Center, a Non for profit with the intent on the Incubator idea, but was pushed out do to politics… They since have done nothing in 6 years with the idea except the Press bought an old auction barn and has been “Renting it” to the Non for profit, while updating the building & creating a town phone directory with local business sponsored advertising…

SO am now fixing to sell my family farm and do this idea of a “Micro Business Incubator, Café Style” in Virginia… Have already spoken to the local Chamber of Commerce, they feel really positive about the venture…

Small towns would highly benefit from small “Mico-Business Incubators” to help small local businesses with the need for understanding the need and sharing in computers and the Internet in a world economy… With the use of a Internet Master guru in the shop, classes can be taught, services rendered, and hosting abilities can be provided, along with a shop for interaction of small business in the area… Costs would be minimal with Internet café of 10-15 computers, Tech staff computers, a couple for internal controls and servers, with T-1 connection. The small town could also benefit from local Wi-Fi relays through the downtown locations…

The combining of beverages and breakfast/lunch menu would be beneficial working capital to the cover employee wages and the expenses of the location… Total cost estimate for all equipment for Café would be about minimal compared to the amount of small business and employees it would generate. Facility would be able to handle an estimated 40-120 local new business or existing ones wanting to bring their business onto the Internet. Could also be easily enlarged, pending on location to include Locally made items or artwork from the area and a packaging service…

The benefits of such a computer micro business incubator is the small business saving on the need of buying a computer for communications and internet presents, no need for learning curve on programs or virus and updates to system, protected server system for file use, SHTTP, FTP, E-mail server, and classes to help new to the computer users keep up with technology…


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