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Web Site Design- You Always Get What You Pay For

I often get the question, “How much does it cost for a website?” And I often answer; “it depends on allot, how much does it cost to build a house?”- Without knowing it’s size or how many rooms or materials, it’s really hard to answer, but I do know, “You Always get what you pay for”…

When I was younger and going to Syracuse University, I lived with my Grandparents and helped out my Great Aunt and Uncle. One snowy morning, the snow shovel finally gave way and needed to be replaced… My Uncle brought me over to the tool store and I got one on sale. He looked at it and said to me, “Think you should have bought the better one not on sale as it is built better- “You always get what you pay for”… Two days later he was giving me a ride over to buy another snow shovel as the one on sale broke… Lesson learned, “You do get what you pay for”…

Just because your child has done 1 or 2 websites in high school or college, doesn’t mean you should let them do your website… Ask yourself- if they had done a couple practice tax returns, would you let them do your Income Tax Return?

A website is a part of your advertising or Marketing campaign for your business… It gives people information and a visual image of your business… Be it simple or complex, having a professional do it will in the end help save you money and time and help increase your sales instead of push people away from online ordering or make it look like your unprofessional… A site that takes a long time to load, is a site that no one will make it past the first page to look at your information…

Beware of the person telling you they will design a website for you, when they really are designing a Blog page… Just cause you can type text in it and add photos, it doesn’t mean it’s a website… A blog and a website are found in different ways, thus why Google spent the time and money to create their Blog Search Engine… And ask them what programs they use and do a Google search on security of that software for websites…

While I was designing small business web sites in my local area, I came across allot of people who would say, “My wife has a computer and a printer and has designed our brochures and website”, but their business was really not getting any more business, just word of mouth advertising… Also found sites where their kid or owner tried to design their own site, and the opening page would take 3-5 minutes to open do to having full sized photos or too much stuff on the pages… So was a complete waist of time and money they spent on the web design program, as they only knew how to get info online, but not done professionally so it would load fast or so that it would catch the eye of the viewer’s interest… Remember, just cause a person buys a Saw and Hammer, doesn’t make them a Carpenter and they shouldn’t be charging the price of a experienced carpenter…

A few years back, one small business man was telling me he got an offer from a college student to design his business website, and would charge $25 an hour to learn how to do it for him, as he had just gotten a program to design websites with… At the time I was charging locally $25 an hour, and thought “Wow” I must not be charging enough, as I had 8 years of designing sites then and doing all the custom imaging for them and knew the student was using only clip art, but charging for the same amount of time it would have took me to do custom imaging for their looking at photos and clip art to choose images from…

I recommend finding a local designer to work with, someone who has a proven record, can design so you like their designs, has a portfolio, and understands the difference between a Web site and a Blog, and how search engines work… If there is a problem you will be able to do something easier then if they are in another state and far easier to meet with in person to help you…

When designing a website, a Good designers designs it visually, back end and for search engines to find it… Without the last, your site will only really be found via word of mouth… Ask them if they understand Mobile web sites, or how to add Web 2.0 tools or Social Networking to your site to help bring in more viewers to your site in the end… Try to get the most for your money and get the most experience for your dollar… Often when you hire someone who uses clip art, they are including time for looking at photos, and often charge for the same amount of time in the end as a designer who designs the site from scratch… When you pay a professional to design your website or handle your marketing & advertising, it’s all a write off under Advertising on your business taxes, your time when learning to design one isn’t and you then loose that time when you could have written off the expense… Remember, “You always get what you pay for”…


4 Responses

  1. The content you have provided is pretty interesting and useful and I will surely take note of the point you have made in the blog.

    While I was browsing the Internet for ways to boost my website exposure, I read about how effective offline media is for getting additional exposure. Since online media advertising has become so competitive, I thought I will complement the online marketing efforts of my products with offline media advertising like newspaper and magazine advertising. This can be the best way to get a wider coverage for a website and draw additional traffic. I think it is a great marketing strategy to use both online and offline advertising to get more customers.

    I thought this information might be useful for anyone looking for solutions to get me-ore traffic to their website.

    • Marketing for business is always best done in both worlds, online and in the “normal” was business has promoted business… Just adding a website to normal advertising, like Newspapers helps to make more “Bang for your buck spent… You might also want to check into Item advertising, Pens, mugs hats, T-shirts and such, to get more advertising of your site… Also you can use your current client base to offer a newsletter, e-mail and even try Bumper stickers as free hand outs for advertising your site…

  2. Like including meta-data for the searchengines. I have key-words on my blog now and then, but I have the feeling those key-words are not picked up by google, but only by the blogging-tool they are connected too?

    (“Läs även andra bloggares åsikter om vårtecken, våren, videkissar, krokus, traktor” – blogpost 20/3)

    • Yes and no, at the same time… Remember, the Goggles Blog search is looking for blog entry’s Not so much as it’s main page and scans that Blog entry and/or each entry for key words, and then creates a search page…

      When Google normal search is looking or searching, it is making the top entries based more on the first page, or enter page for the higher “Site” listings… Ever notice often the search results bring you to the opening page, where the Blog Search will bring up that article that relates to your search… Keep your “Key Words” relating as much as possible to your subject, and also include then in your title…

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