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Want to get a Business Started Online?

I’ve been doing websites- Custom Illustrations, Imaging, Photos, Logos, Graphics, Video Editing along with designing Web Site from scratch for businesses online for a while now, since 1989 (yes that dates me a bit and probably accounts for some of the gray in my beard) and I would not say it is easy, or there is any “quick & easy” way about this…

Anyone who says they do this and have some “Magic Method” to “Make your rich”, probably has some gimmick or software with templates to just throw up online and the odds of it working is probably going to make them rich, not you… But there are some really good books & PodCasts to help you understanding what is needed, and how get things online in whatever market or service you offer…

If you already have a business, you might want to consider your time is worth money, and you might want to hire a professional web site designer or agency to help you, so you can concentrate on what you do in your business best… Remember, this is advertising and a write off for your business, so worthwhile to hire a professional!!! But to understand it better, and how it works so you can choose good help is also worthwhile to understand how to get the best for your buck and for you…

The web is more then just putting a website up and hoping it works- the “Build it and they will come” sounds easy, but it doesn’t just happen… Nothing that is truly worthwhile comes easy, and doing it professionally, so it looks professional and making all works really takes some time… It is a lot easier to do it now then it was back in the 89 and 90’s when I was first started doing websites for businesses, each year it becomes easier or quicker, but that’s also from my view point of view- adding to the information and understanding the needed programs I already have been using, just learning the latest updates to the software I already have been using for 20 years… Just a matter of figuring out what you need to understand what is available online…

But if you have the time and will power to honestly work hard, you can get a business going online with some time and basics needed things online…

This Category of my Blog I will be posting some recommendations to some of the books, PodCasts, Blogs and Online Radio Shows I enjoyed reading or listening to, that can help you with your Business online…

Over the last three years I have spent a fair amount of time reading and listening to what the “Latest things” are available using Web 2.0… And will be highlighting them in this part of my blog…


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