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Seeking my own Technological Utopianism

While I was attending Syracuse University, I had Illustration professors who where starting to use Fax machines to get work from across the country or even from the other side of the world, while being able to live out in the country, some having studios in old converted barns, where they could store a plethora of research materials- photos, old magazines, newspapers with both illustrations, they could look to for reference for their artwork… I knew then, I really didn’t want to move to the “Big City’s”, living side by side, on top and below others, in what I called then “A Forest of Stone”…

It was in this time period I got to start to learn more about networking computers for Graphic Design and Communications, TCP/IP networking concepts, Hyper-card Protocol and some of what would become the foundations of what would then after be called the “World Wide Web”- WWW.

But again, even though many of the higher paying jobs where still within the large cities, there was that cost of living in those Forest’s of Stone… My desire to be able to walk out of my house to be able to see a sky full of more stars then one could count, wanting fresh air, and the smell of soil after it rained, to be able to have a large garden called me louder… So I chose that I might be able to find this desired life style and Technology would start to catch up so I could make a living in the country, pursue my love of art, nature and my interests in tech…

Within the town of Candor, I was able to find somewhat my desirer of a Technological Utopianism, allowing me to do as a business high tech work and art in a chicken shack I had renovated into a small studio, in a town without stoplights in 1993…

I was able to offer both art, illustration, photography, graphic design and later putting all of these facet’s together into Website Design, and hosting Websites in the county’s only secure Website & E-Mail Server… Was able to sit there watching my server click page counts as the beginning of the new millennium turned it’s year over and no Y2K problems happened in my little Art/Tech Studio…

As I worked in Tech in the country, I was able to enjoy fresh air, gardening, hunting and fishing, often able to take a month off or some time to get away from all and into the forests or stream side. Making enough of a living with Tech & Art, so I could spend more time in the fresh air of my hometown… Something so many Tech people then and now where/are trying to achieve, or had as a goal in their lives… During that first ten years it started to work… I also wanted to help my community, and I did for a while, till I threw my hat into politics, and found people don’t just vote for who they feel is correct for the job, but more often are blind to how our governments truly work, and will vote via political party’s instead… I was able to say, I won my town, but lost the other towns I would have represented- I might as well have ran against the cartoon character “Snoopy”, so strong was the opposing political machine in this area is and how they keep their sheep so clueless…

Now it is ten years later, and I look back at these past ten years, and the lessons I have learned… It is the lack of understanding of how our governments truly works, both small and large… I hear now so many complain and blame the current Federal Government administration for their high property taxes, when it is the smaller local government they should truly be upset with… So blind the flock, and such “Masters” are those sheep herdsmen truly are in this area, those “Sheep with Canine Teeth”, as I often refer to them as… But I also learned human nature tends to have those who would rather steal ideas, and twist them for their own, instead of allowing the creator of those idea follow through with them… So after 17 years since college of attempting to get these ideas to go through, I needed to find another area, to begin growing these seeds and ideas…

Suddenly the desire to find a better area, a more controlled idea of how to achieve this desired life style- the steps I needed to take to learn and what I want within my own version of Technological Utopianism…

I have come to the understanding that those work 99% of their lives in something they enjoy, live longer and enjoy life better… To help others in business using Tech, but also living in an area of nature they understand needs to work together to maintain a balance of both nature and fiscal wealth, you need to find people who truly understand this and support these ideas… You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink from it… So ironically, I looked to where wild ponies run free to find my Technological Utopianism vision…

During this time period I also had enough time to refine my goals and dreams, the desire of what and how to achieve this, what style and ways to achieve it and now it is just the matter of time to fix this old farm up to sell, and invest in my own future Technological Utopianism… What I call an Internet Café with a Micro Business incubator, “Café Style”, and a small farm, where I will be able to also enjoy both tech and nature together in a cost effective way…

I want to be able to have a coffee house with a computer cluster, where not only does it offer good coffee, tech, but provide a micro computer learning and incubator idea for local business, but on weekend, maybe a NYC style café that offers blues band, or solo piano entertainment also on weekends during the summers and long winters and within it also a venue to sell my artworks and local products…

Follow your Dreams and Goals!!!


2 Responses

  1. You have a talent for insight you see things that most people don’t take the time to see, it’s wonderful that i have met you because some of these ideas are some that are similar to my own, politics, and who’s campaigning.. and what are they running for and what do they stand for all questions i have had to research many times who i was voting for .. i understand this because even when i did the research i still didn’t understand some of it.. and the time limit they give you to vote, and the time to think about who it is you really want to be there on your side.. or a part of your team.. it takes longer for me to decide. I never really have enough time or enough information but this last time i knew the guy that they asked me to vote for and believe it or not i knew him in high school, and he was involved in drugs before and the day before i said i would not vote for him.. the next day he was murdered. it was rather sad..

    otherwise.. on the coffee place.. i think you have bright ideas and i would start a book constructing these ideas! my step dad did a book on the first house he bought and the cost and financial needs and supplies.. maybe if you check your supplies and demand.. and put it all down on paper and construct what you want .. it may move faster in that direction i think you have wonderful ideas and i can’t wait to see what comes of them! – Sarah.

    • Sarah,

      Thank you… Glad you enjoyed my was of viewing life and describing it… And yes, trying to keep up with politics is hard, but is so important, local politics truly affect you the most, and so many don’t understand that… Always good to try to keep up with Town/City, County, and state and district Reps… The President really only has limited power to of the final approving a law, but so much is done and effects people locally that he will never see or sign… Sorry to hear about your friend in HS

      I have thought to writing a book, Def will be doing some Children’s books, but have thought more to writing on Small Business services and using the internet… But a book on the idea I want to do with the Internet café with the Micro Biz incubator- well… Will wait till after I open a few of them;) My Gram use to say, “Great to share your cookies and give one or two out free, helps to sell them for the Church back sale, but always KEEP YOUR RECIPE” secret;)


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