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Age of Job Creation- Custom Made Niche Markets and Creative Jobs

I believe many people can find new jobs with Custom Made Products, to fill those special “Niche Markets”… Those little niche markets that offer a “Personal touch” you can’t find in so many of the factory made objects one buys at huge retail stores… Then sell them online…

A friend of mine who has been retired for 3 years, his wife is about to loose her job in a local factory… He is now thinking he needs to go back to work, but what will he do? I told him- “Hell your good with wood working, we have all these hard woods around us & you have most of the needed tools do this, just needing a few more tools and a large enough shop to do it in and you’ve got the property to add a small woodshop… Think of something you can make and be able to put “Your Name” on it… I suggested since he likes Hunting turkeys, start making “Custom wood box calls”, out of the different kinds of hard woods he can find locally… Then I also suggested to him to look into “Adirondack style Furniture”… Or Oak shelving, since when you go to a furniture store, all one can find is plastic coated or veneer pulp wood shelves that bend with the weight of books in a year… and since it is a niche market, he can put a higher price on it with it being built of stronger material, as there is no other piece like it… He likes the Turkey Call idea, but is still giving it thought…

But I do wonder, how will we be able to truly retrain so many lost factory workers, or people of the different trades that do to Technology’s productivity has ended their jobs… Not everyone is good with Wood Working, or Creative…

So many people are creative, can think to something they enjoy doing, or can build, that no one else can, at a factory level… It is these small creative niche markets, that could grow to have a couple people working to help with mailing or creating the products…

The need for support with small business start-ups money will also be needed… Support frame works to help these factory workers or printers that no longer have jobs to be able to understand business or how to do business in this time period… So many of these same people, have to ask their kids how to set the answering machine, or set their VCR’s, or turn on the computer, How to use the internet, how to package goods so it doesn’t end up all knocked up and bumped around in a box while shipping…

This is where I feel that Micro Business Incubator in an Internet Café style area will help… Places where those local carpenters, painters, landscape service business, the niche business, local custom service people can go to learn, use tech and not have the learning curve of how it works and how to keep updated can truly help…

I am in a town with no stoplight… The number of local carpenters, painters, heavy equipment or plumbing service people who still use a pad of paper or napkin to do a contract, receipt or estimate at the local coffee shop, just amaze me… Many now don’t have much work, but they have no online advertising… One friend, great carpenter, but no one in the town near by knows of his skill… Word of mouth advertising is good, but it only can be heard from so far… He could advertise in the local news papers & yellow pages, but at a huge price, compared to what he could advertise online for far cheaper…

I believe now is the time to start your Niche Business, be creative, be innovative, Be Creative… There is no one else quit like you, or your views… There is a world market out there, you never know, you might have a skill or idea that others really are looking for, a “style”, a look”, Or have an idea or ability that is truly Yours…


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