Age of Job Creation- Killing Factory Jobs

Driving through towns and cities, we see now so many empty factories, thousands of lost jobs that once was the foundation of our US work force, now being built over seas, to factory workers we just have no ability to compete with the wage they pay there… Along with the closed doors of these factories are the local business that helped feed those workers, put gas in their cars they once drove to work… The builders and maintenance of these factories and suppliers of materials to keep them running- gone… Creating snowball of lost jobs and business in areas that once had good paying jobs…

As this snowball of workers loose jobs, they also loose spending power… Where are the jobs to replace these lost factory jobs to foreign factory labor competition? We need to retrain our huge work forces of factor workers now to do other jobs, or think to ways to create business to create a new kind of work force? I’m not sure we can train a work force of factory workers into innovators or creative types, but what of custom local made, grown goods could be an idea… We can help them start their own local service businesses, or how to create their own online shop to sell their own custom made goods…

The same time of loosing millions of factory jobs, we also are compiling the problem with tech jobs of productivity killing job types- printers, newspapers no longer needed do to every office now having an inkjet printer in them and electric data, so no longer do we need file cabinets to hold the paper orders, that where once a major part of our work force too, adding more to this snowball of our work force…

We still have jobs and businesses here for building & maintaining houses and landscapes that foreign business cannot offer from over seas… And we still have “Custom Craftsmen” that can custom make you what you might want for your kitchen, house, and office or even for your car…

Will we need to turn these empty factories into retirement homes for the baby boomers, and those who once worked in these factories to be retrained into elderly-care givers so they can somewhat keep a good wage of living?


2 Responses

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  2. Thank you Kayla,

    I wil have to check out your suggestions and see where they bring the blog… And yes, your right, we all ave to stick together and offer help when needed;)

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