Age of Job Creation- Technology Killing Jobs

Where the printing press had a lot to do with the beginning of the “Age of Reason”, Ford’s car had such an influence on the “Industrial Age”, and the computer helped to begin the “Age of Technology”… But where does that bring us?

Spoke to a programmer who gave an estimate to a Doc office, would save the office $250,000 a year with his billing program that automates so much- but the board would need to fire a bunch of people to get that savings, so they chose to continue with keeping the staff the way it is… So in the big picture, it would end up adding to major job loss through out the two businesses if they streamlined the billing and filing systems…

Guess it’s ok to cut jobs in major corporate areas, but not our health system… Tech is having a major influence in this time of loss of jobs… There are many jobs that are being cut and business to that are disappearing… Like Printers and Newspapers are now taking a huge hit, with the Internet and personal computer printers taking those jobs away… So many others are and will soon be being lost to this new tech and the productivity it allows us to do and accomplish…

One local printer I know said, “20 years ago there was a bunch of local printers with a staff of 15-50 printers in the shops, now there are only like 5 printers in the area left, and they have a skeleton crews- he use to employ 15 printers, now he has problems keeping just himself busy… This is one thing that the news is not really covering with the job loss of the US, and how it is effecting so many… We’re at a major pivot time period, the end of the Industrial age, and the beginning of such productivity increases with the Tech age…

Technology helped to create so much productivity but at the cost of decreased employment in so many fields and an increased corporate consolidation… Where or what will these job losses bring us, what jobs will replace those that we are loosing now?

We face more then just jobs lost to over sea’s and the loss from the last 8 years, which so many blindly blame wars, economic problems and some just blindly blame the current or past government/s, but it is really our own human nature to try to make things easier to do and do more in less time or less money paid to labor… We do face the need of change that never before in history have we as a people ever faced, millions count on this time period and we as a people need to work together and not spend time blaming others, but go forward…

Need new innovators and those new ideas, the support of small business to help to create jobs… It has been our country’s history to have those innovators, now is the time to support them and current small business and help start up business start to create future jobs…


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