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Trust is not something you are born with- you have to Earn It.

Trust is something one needs to earn, not just something that happens naturally or you’re born with… Some people have the ability in person to project a trusting feeling, but often animals can see through fake trust, if the person is afraid of dogs or doesn’t like animals… And when your trying to portray your abilities or services online, trust can be a large factor between getting the sale or earning a clients trust to hire you…

When I was young, I use to sit for hours, getting chipmunks to eat out of my hand, learning to be calm and still, so not to scare them off… For some reason it was easy for me, and my grandmother would be astounded as I would be able to not only get chipmunks to eat out of my hand, but could get birds to fly down and also eat out of my hand…

As I grew older, my mother bought a farm (the one I currently am fixing up now to sell), and earning the trust of the farm animals was key, as some had been miss treated before we had bought them at the local Farmer’s Auction (they where often the least expensive to buy and just needed some tender loving care to get them healthy again)… So again what my Gram felt was a natural thing within me, I earned their trust… But I felt this was something also that was second nature to me too, being an animal lover-

Last year, I had the chance to learn how to take care of a Arabian Mare, who had been miss treated… The owner, in a wheelchair had me go out into the training corral with the Mare roped and a short whip, to start to train her to walk beside me, back up and trot in circles to exercise… Seeing the whip in my hands, the Mare stood on her back feet and kicked at me, turning quickly around to kick me also with her hind hoofs… The owner told me I needed to break her of… Having heard of a local horse trainer with over 20 years being killed training a horse like this; I chose to take a different path- “Earn the Mare’s trust”… I stopped using the rope as often, and completely stopped the whip, and started with earning her trust with apple pieces, like earning the trust of a dog with “Treat”, while whispering and talking to her softly…

This I did for 6 months and got to the point, where I could get her to exercise in the circle, walk backwards and follow me through soft-spoken and hand commands… When the Cornell Vet came to give her a shot, she reared up, as she was tied down and almost kicked me in the head… So I untied her, to the surprise of the Vet. Then walked in and calmed her down, and softly whispered to her, while giving her a couple pieces of apples- the Vet walked in and was able to give her the shots needed.

Then after the Vet told me she was truly surprised, she had been treating this horse for 8 years, and each time they had to drug her and tie her down, and now she was a different horse al together… So I showed her what I had done and how I had earned her trust- she told me I had a natural way with animals, and earning their trust…

The same thing can be done with how you portray yourself online, through your website and through social media, like Twitter & FaceBook… Portray yourself with being a professional, but also in being a good person- be yourself. Don’t do just raw pushy sales, as this method of sales will turn people off, like the pushy sales person trying to get the same without “Earning Trust”… Communicate with them, be personable and earn their trust, and once you have earned that trust or friendship, it is far easier to make your point to offer them your services…

If you have a website, make sure your site is professionally done, and has a professional look to it- don’t try to be something your not… If you’re a small business, “High Light this”, include photos of your staff, and of you with your clients and how you can give personal attention to your clients needs… If you work out of your own office and use “Virtual staff” highlight this too- BE HONEST!!! As when it really comes down to it, when you really don’t know what you’re talking about, it shows and you lose respect and gain only a bad reputation…

For your Business Website, make sure it doesn’t look like the Junk Mail you throw out each day in its design… This will lose viewers and clients really fast!!! Look or find someone who will give you that personal touch and image to your website, so you can earn the visual trust of those viewing it…

When in twitter or FaceBook, don’t introduce yourself, and then try to make a sale… That is like introducing yourself & then trying to give someone a deep kiss instead of just a polite handshake… Be honest of your abilities- as lies always show themselves… If you try to use “Guru or Experienced” to your background, make sure you have the years and number of real work to support these descriptions… Remember, a “Master Craftsmen” has more then 10 years experience, and has gone through helper or apprentice years, and has the experience to justify his price…

Do the research on who you hire or buy from, not all are who you would really trust in person, just another person out trying to make a quick buck, with no true quality behind what they provide…

Earn the trust in people and in those viewing your site through being honest and giving good service and quality products… If you help enough people to get what they want with real quality behind it, you will have true success…


3 Responses

  1. Well thought out Charles and right on the money! That’s why I’m redesigning my site. Half the pages are up and half aren’t. So much to do, so little time! Thanks for the great read!


  2. Your internet site would not load the images.

    • Hmmm… Not sure why the two photos I have within the blog didn’t load, my Barn at the top and the one from a recent post “Dreams of Piazza Campo de’ Fiori” but hope any photos in the future will load for you… Thank you for visiting my Blog…

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