Business Marketing PodCast worthwhile to listen to while your enjoying your coffee- Marketing Over Coffee Podcast

Quit a few people ask me what am I listening to on my iPod, and often it is Marketing and tech podcasts. I enjoy and find interesting to listen to is Marketing Over Coffee. Besides having a great business name, as I love to drink coffee while doing work and listen to their newest weekly show… Their podcast is very informative on current trends in online Marketing, Web 2.0 services with years of experience in online business…

Marketing Over Coffee Podcast: Another great Business and podcast name, John Wall and Christopher Penn offering weekly discussions on what’s new in marketing and tech, interviews with other marketers and small business owners online. Their both great guys with a wealth of knowledge and experience online and can be found posting information they post on their Twitter… I hope to someday be able to invite them to do a show from my business goal of an Internet Coffee Café!!!

You can subscribe to their Marketing Over Coffee Podcast through or on their site or find them on FaceBook and Twitter…


2 Responses

  1. You can then listen to your Podcast on your computer or transfer it to a mobile audio device, like the Apple iPod and listen on the go. Business Marketing

    • Dear Business Marketing, thanks for pointing that out, I should have done that, as that is how I often listen to the Podcasts, on my iPod shuffle, while working outside on my property, or on my iPod Video while driving or while needing to wait for appointments of when having lunch somewhere by myself… Often when I am listening to it, except when driving, I also keep a piece of paper and pen handy, and stop to make a note for when I am back at the computer… Thanks for the Great Comment!!!

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