A Small Business Marketing PodCast worth listening to! Small Business Marketing from Duct Tape Marketing

Over the past few years since the iPod has come out and podcasts have become such a common thing to listen to… One I find very enjoyable and informative for Marketing is the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.

Besides loving the name of the site and podcast, Duct Tape Marketing Podcast: www.ducttapemarketing.com , John Jantsch’s Podcast has some of the best marketing, tactics and resources for small business and helping you get online with new online business skills & techniques… The website includes his Blog, articles and other resources for understanding Marketing online… He also posts links to other information online through his twitter account and highly recommend following his up-to-date Marketing information… He also has had some interesting interviews or discussions with some of the best marketers and writers online and helping Small Business…


4 Responses

  1. The section also features a ViewPoint series, which will address issues of importance to small business owners. Business Market

    • Thank you for highlighting the other features for Small Business in their site…

  2. Thank you for a outstanding article. I’ve been doing some SEO for our company’s website and I liked the directory submission, article submission and blog remarking most. I was employing these methods very well. Today I’m imagining about applying some different ways to construct links and I’m glad I fallen across your article.

  3. Alphonse Bernstrom, I’m glad you found the information useful for your SEO on your website…

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