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Business PodCast worthwhile to listen to- Internet Business Mastery

Internet Business Mastery Podcast: http://internetbusinessmastery.com Owners Sterling and Jay offer their years of experience in helping start an online business and techniques using web 2.0 strategies with internet marketing to help get your online business started and running great…

Through this PodCast, I learned of setting goals, creating the steps needed to achieve them for my online business and in helping create a plan for my goals in business, and many other great business concepts for Business and online marketing…

Sterling is a master of e-bay sales and online business marketing… Jay is a master of PodCast information, from how to get started to full professional PodCast and incorporating it into your business… I wish I was a better writing to give a better description of all that they both are masters of, but between the two of them, they TRULY ROCK & know their stuff with online business!!!

They where very instrumental in my choosing the internet hosting service I am going to be using 1and1.com, as it offers an all in one services for ordering a Domain Name, Web Site & e-mail hosting, unlimited monthly transfer bandwidth, sub domains, MySQL Database, blog hosting, e-commerce and a bunch of other services with a variety of OS servers to choose from…

I just can’t express more of how many ideas and good recommendations these two have given me over the years of listening to their PodCast… You can find them through their website, http://internetbusinessmastery.com or through iTunes PodCast area under Internet Business Marketing…

Check them out!!! HIGHLY RECCOMEND them!!!

RECCOMENDED SITES: www.1to1com & http://internetbusinessmastery.com


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