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One Product into many- Intellectual Products…

When I am online communicating and gaining followers in Social Networking, I also look to the products and services of the business people I chat and correspond with… With so many that are Authors or have created their own book, I often wonder why many haven’t started using that same product and create as many products as many possible from the same work, for as many people who could use it- A printed Book, can be created into an e-Book, an Audio Book, and broken up into visual downloads, if the Book is teaching a lesson… With the number of people online, cell phone, iPod and the coming soon iPad, more and more people will be downloading information into their portable devices and/or on their computers…

Writers, visual artists and musicians have been using this concept for years, “Create an intellectual product that you can copy to sell the copies of the original- records, books, limited edition art pieces of all forms, from paintings to bronze pieces… And some artists view that the more possible products you can create with the same artwork, the more money that covers the time spent doing the artwork… One artist can produce one original art piece, say a painting, then create several limited edition prints of it, then print it on a T-Shirt, coffee Mug, and so on- these sales can be some major “Bread & butter” for the artist while spending time creating other pieces… Often a writer sells limited use of his past articles for print or within an online magazine, or a songwriter or singer sells an MP3/4 of one song to get a percent of the sale… Still the same concept, selling one product in as many possible ways possible- CD, DVD, record downloadable file… The key part to the downloadable file, is most of your work as already been done…

As a visual problem solver, and having past R&D for products, it often surprises me, when I see people who have written a book, taken all of that time and research to put it together and not figure for more possible products to convey or share their work in… It just makes me shake my head, when I see someone has worked so hard, to sell their Intellectual Product in only one form of product- why not in as many ways possible to as many people and ways those people would want to have or listen to?

If you have already printed your Book- you have the document in Text format already, just need to create a e-Book, or record someone reading it to create a MP3 file for an Audio Book… There is more to it then the snap of one’s fingers, think to these very profitable additional ways to share your Intellectual Product to as many possible users and the way they might want to use them…

Remember, this is about making money too- if you already have your Book, say you sell it for $19.95, part of the money covers the printing… With a downloadable product that you might sell in iTunes, you just need the extra time to create a nice downloadable file, and then advertise it as an option or added copy for your users… For example- if you buy this Book for $19.95, for an additional $1.99 download this special Audio or e-Book, along with offering those two separate products normally for $15 or $19.95 each… For the little extra money to create this, you end up with a larger profit then just offering it as a “Printed Book”, offer it in all forms…

Now more people are offering teachings of their intellectual knowledge using Video, CD’s or DVD’s, books, can now add online video or e-books one can download into their iPods, phones and now the soon iPad to watch, learn or enjoy… This is the day and time of technical innovation and the needed equipment is at your fingertips- your computer and maybe a few extra devices, you too can create extra products from your original, and it is easy to add and sell…

As an artist, I will be creating artwork, then creating copies of it as limited edition prints, and also create postcards and yes, even have them printed on coffee mugs, while keeping the original piece of artwork… Yes, I could sell an original pen & ink piece for $250+ to only one person, or I could make 200 copies and sell those for $15-25 each, and make $3000-5000, for that one size, then add a smaller size, postcard and coffee mugs with the same image on it, and make close to $10,000+ for my one time of creating one piece of art… So instead of working my tail off and hoping to sell one original piece of artwork for one high price, I make it more affordable and am able to sell more to many people instead of just one person…

When you publish services, think to other spin-off products one can add to this… If you do a Book, think to also adding an “Audio Book” and also one as an e-Book- the nice thing with these two products, it is again just time in creating it, no needed printing of materials, or even burning of a disk, you can have it online and in other downloading venues, such as iTunes, making time in creating the additional products in as many ways as possible to bring up your bottom line profit for your time and work ins only major investment after you created your original Intellectual Products…


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