Internet Café with a Micro Business Incubator- Needed Tech for Rural America!!!

I live in a town with no stoplight, and yes, the cows out populate the people still… I chose to come back to my hometown after Syracuse University in 1993 thinking I might be able to make a difference and help the local community with Technology, business design and then with Web site design services for local business… I even for a few years had the only website hosting and e-mail service physically in my county…

When I first got here, I found many local small businesses had their wives type up their brochures while at work, using clipart… Then I noticed that many still don’t have a clue what technology can do to help their business- some of the local business that did hire me to design websites did notice large improvements in the sales- some experience as much as 800% sales growth- not bad for a town with no stoplight!!! But I still feel there is a huge need for Technology to grow in Rural America!!!

I stop down to the local gas station and ask people their simple things- “Do you have a FaceBook or twitter account? Often many say no or even worse, have no clue what I am talking about… I then ask them if they have websites, or do business online, even just so simple as have you ordered anything on eBay, and half might say they do look online, or have tried e-bay, but often many are daunted by this new technology…

I feel Rural America is falling behind in the Digital Divide; it isn’t just not having high-speed bandwidth or price of computers, but in the ability learning how to use these devices, applications and technology… I started to realize Rural America truly needs a place to learn and find out how to implement technology into their businesses…

I make it a point to try to keep up as much as I can, reading and learning online, and no matter how much time I spend, there is always more new things to learn and new devices or services out there to try… I currently don’t have an iPhone, but do plan to get one once I am back on my feet health wise and get my Web business rolling strong again, I also plan on buying an iPad…

As I do more reading and research about these mobile devices, their applications and online services to support them I find online for them, I came across WOW what an amazing application and service that Rural America could use!!! This new tech service is about location sharing and location services… It allows the location to set up a tracking system of users who state there are there. Here is a YouTube video of Kevin Rose highlighting this service:

If the tech is too challenging for Rural America, why not provide a location to both offer a comfortable place to learn, network and enjoy some good Java, while helping the other local businesses get on track with catching up with the lucky people in the City who don’t think twice about all of the restaurants or shops having websites, being on twitter and so forth… The need for Rural America to have an Internet café that includes a micro Business incubator for them to learn how to incorporate technology would be a great service and also help in creating jobs, both in the café and with new start up businesses…

I think to the Town I am planning on opening such a café, Chincoteague VA. A town that has a small population but has a very large flow of tourists that come to the town and the area… The town has a great fire department and local restaurants, and attractions, but still very much lack up to date tech, with regards to updated websites, and defiantly no one is using such technology as, very few even have twitter accounts or websites that sell products… The boon it could create with better web presents, increase in jobs, small business and business start-ups and tourism… But not only for this town, but I believe this could be so beneficial for any small town in any part of Rural America…


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  1. Heya from England! I have found your page on yahoo. Good content! Eva F. Dobson x

    • Thank you, I feel that Cafes such as this could really help not only the US but many countries in helping small business… Will Keep on working towards opening this Cafe with a Micro Business Incubator!!! It would be nice if I could find maybe an Angel Investor to help in opening not just the one, but many so I would be able to help teach more then just ten users at a time in one location that might not have computers and all of the software needed to do online business…

  2. The most difficult thing is to find a blog with unique and fresh content but i think you offer something different. Bravo.

    • Thank you very much Carleen!!!

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