Bit of my own and SU History- The SU Orangeman Logo

The Syracuse University Orangeman logo’s first printing was through the company I was an Art Director for, College Games Company- Quadopoly printed in 87. Part of the marketing campaign for the game was creating window stickers and T-shirts, so the logo would be known when we brought the game out for major sales in local stores and the Alumni Magazine… We sold thousands of T-shirts and tens of thousands of window stickers with the SU Orangeman, to give the logo of the game visual recognition… My marketing helped bring the game and the logo into major popularity of Otto as the cartoon became known as…

The Orangeman didn’t become an official mascot of SU till 95, the news of the game and who drew it was major news back then- but it was drawn by someone working in the bookstore during her lunch hour- Colleges/University’s own all intellectual rights of employees, and in 91 their lawyers came and wanted “Copyright” use money for their “Ownership of the logo” we had worked so hard to use for the game and our items we sold- T-shirts, window stickers and such… They went to take also my artwork of the Orangeman in all forms for the different colleges and sports, but they didn’t “Own my artwork or ideas” so left them (there was also Ms. Otto for Woman’s Sports teams and Sororities)… But it is nice to know I was a major part in the bringing forth a national icon in college sports…

If you look at the Logo on the game and look to it’s major use of it today, you’ll notice it is backwards… SU took our Window Sticker and photocopied it on the “Clear side”, which was the reverse- and if you ever notice, all of the printing after shows him facing the opposite direction and often never having the same fonts on his hat showing the SU…

Ironic- I being the Art Director of the company that brings the SU Orangeman into being and being Dyslexic, help to create a logo and national college mascot that ends up being used backwards…


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