An All American Traditional Dish- The Sundae…

I sit enjoying a national tradition on a Sunday, now this late evening, taking a deserved break after doing more reading and research for things to write in the future… I sit back enjoying a bowl of something cold, sweet tasting, that truly melts in my mouth, tantalizing taste of vanilla, chocolate and the sweet sensation of a cherry, all in one spoonful… Such a simple treat on a Sunday evening, spoon upon spoonful enjoying a Sundae…

Not too far from me just up the road some and around a few bends is the birthplace of the Sundae; Ithaca, New York who claims the oldest known serving and proof of this delightful dish… Back in the day, many drugstores often had a Soda Fountain that served soda & ice cream within them… One such place was Platt & Colt Pharmacy in downtown Ithaca…

It was 1892 and supposedly Reverend John M. Scott visited the soda fountain often after church at Platt & Colt Pharmacy, one day he received a mistake, they had spilled Cherry juice on his vanilla ice cream. He so enjoyed it they named it in memory of the day, a Sundae, served with vanilla, cherry juice and a cherry on top… Ithaca is able to claim it being the oldest known server of the Sundae by an advertisement from the Ithaca Daily Journal on April 5, 1892, where Owner Chester Platt of Platt & Colt Pharmacy paid for the advertisement…

Though Ithaca claims the fame of being the first to key name this delicious sweet ice cream dish, I find it ironic the city or county tourism doesn’t make more of the title, with offering a Massive Sunday competition or Sundae Festival in the Commons of Ithaca or at the Park, and have people dress in the time period and ride the bikes of that time period and enjoy that time of history more… For now, I will just practice my solute to this great innovation, and make sure I double dip and double solute my spoon high into the air on April 5th, to Chester Platt, for his great American traditional dish, the Sundae…
Charles Taggart, Basic Author

Why April 5th isn’t the National Day of Sundae’s I don’t know… But National Sundae Day is November 11, and it is also National Happiness Week… So I guess it is a good thing, as what better thing can make a person happy and put a smile upon your face as a mouth full of a tasty ice cream Sundae, with syrup and a Cherry on top…

If you would like to find out more and fine neat recipes for Sundaes visit


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