Spring Morning Songs of Loneliness, Good Morning and Love…

Winter and it’s silence is now over, the spring nights now are filled with the sound of millions of little tree frogs and their little voices calling out their love song that fills the evening, night and morning, becoming like a massive chorus song that seems to fill the air… So soothing the sound, refreshing to hear after so many nights of winter and only hearing the sound of the cold wind and no sound of any animals in the night… The little tree frog in it’s attempt to locate a mate, calling out in the darkness, then listening ad calling out again…

It’s 6 am now, Easter Sunday, the window left down and I was woken by these small creatures that fill my wetlands with their song of loneliness in search of love… The tree frog is maybe an inch long, no larger them the end of my thumb, with suction cups at the end of it’s fingers so it can climb trees, blades of grass and cling to leaves or even glass, as they sometimes will cling to my studio window at night to watch me draw at my drawing table… How sweet this sound is to my ears, soothing in it’s rhythm that seems to fill the night in waves of sound, soft, then getting louder, then soft again…

Slowly it is joined with the morning songs of birds, as they start to wake, still too dark to fly, but calling out from their resting places in the trees, their still making nests, no eggs yet under feathers, as I watched yesterday some picking up small twigs, pieces of grass, yarn and twine… Further into my wetlands I also hear the morning sound of the geese that nest back there, honking their good mornings to the other geese, knowing a pair or two are nesting in tree branches have set up like an Indian tepee, so there would be enough room for the female to lay her eggs and maybe on a cold night, both of them could be within it…

The morning light is just now starting to turn the sky from black to a deep blue, showing the horizon of the hill the sun will climb slowly from behind in the next half hour, to begin this day… It is this morning song that starts my days, and ends them into night, that makes living in the country so enjoyable…


2 Responses

  1. That was beautiful Charles. There is nothing in our world better than the sounds of nature waking up.

    Gives us hope of a beautiful day to come….

    • SusanLorelei

      So true, very few things better then waking to the sound of nature, can only think of a few, maybe of soft whispers sweetly and softly spoken with deep warm care is the only other way that could be better…

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