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Sushi and the “Wasabi Challenge”- get rid of that runny nose or problem sinus

Now for those of you who don’t know what wasabi is, it is a Japanese horseradish as it’s roots are used as a spice, (looks like a light green bird terd)… Most often this is used to mix with soy sauce for dipping sushi rolls into kind of a mustard dip of sorts…

Wasabi is not so much as “Hot”, but gives kind of the same sensation (if mixed heavy) as Vick’s vapor rub, without the mint, producing vapors that stimulate the nasal and sinus passages and behind the eyes and can be quite painful if mixed very strong, though it generally only lasts a few seconds…  In small amounts sit is very tasty, but if you can’t smell you also have problems tasting things too and found wasabi to help with problem sinuses…

While in college I learned to really enjoy sushi with a friend of mine, Doug “Slago” Holland… We would have a kind of stupid male challenge, lets call it a challenge of endurance of sorts, the Wasabi Challenge- and what we would call a “Wasabi-Hit” as I seemed to hit or kind of a burning feeling behind the eyes to the point of producing tears… We would be given small bowl is to mix the soy sauce ad the wasabi into for dipping, so the two of us would try to mix a batch that we both had to endure…

We started off just enjoying this new kind of food, but suddenly we noticed mixing it heavy would cause a little bit of pain for a couple seconds, and we also noticed it would clear up a stuffed nose…  We both have some sinus problems and found this was one of the best methods to get rid of a stuffed nose or sinus and the need to have tissues to blow your nose was needed…  So if we had the beginning part of a stuffed nose or sinus, we would go have some lunch or supper at a local Japanese restaurant that had a sushi bar…  We also noticed if you had a really clogged sinus, mixing up a heavy mix of it in the soy sauce the person sitting with you can even hear the clogged sinus start to break up…

It’s been years since college, and the Wasabi Challenge between the two of us, but since then have learned that to break up a stuffed nose or sinus at the beginning stage or even at it’s heaviest part, having a dish of Sushi with a mix of wasabi in it is one of the best natural ways to get rid of the nose and sinus problem…

Often we would say after a mouth full, “Wow what a Wasabi Hit” as we would have tears running down out faces and if we had colds or sinus problems would also need to blow our noses…  So each time I enjoy sushi, I think back to those funny but good times with my close college friend Doug “Slugo” Holland and smile thinking of his first introducing me to this great food and the help it has given me over the years with the beginning of a cold or a stuffed sinus…
Charles Taggart, EzineArticles.com Basic Author

So next time you have a runny nose or your sinuses start to get stuffed up, try going to a sushi bar or stop and get a pre-made sushi dish at your local grocery store that has some Wasabi and soy sauce to help get rid of your problem…


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  1. Oh man that you so much quest of your enter at high-mindedness time. It helped me in my assignment. Thanks Alot

    • No problem, hope it helped with your assignment…

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