Watercolor Artist Keiko Tanabe Studio Blog

Watercolor Artist Keiko Tanabe

Watercolor Artist Keiko Tanabe

has a beautiful way of capturing the light and use of form with a masterful control of her use of watercolors…


Her Art Blog, http://ktanabefineart.com you can find her paintings of beautiful scenery she has captured within her watercolor paintings… She has a very well worded entries with beautiful copies of her watercolor paints of not only in Italy, France, Portuguese, California to name but a few locations… If you enjoy Watercolor paintings and beautiful views of Europe, I highly recommend her Blog and her Daily Paintings…


This one is of a winding road that leads away from the Pantheon, which I am guessing was very early in the morning light, before too many people filled the streets and plaza…

For me, her paintings of Italy so inspired me, I found myself wanting to just sell all for a moment, to leave all and everything behind… To move to Italy, be able to paint of ancient stone roads that wind between such beautiful stone apartment buildings, shadowed archways, cafes, children running in the streets kicking soccer balls and couple sharing the smooth rich ice creams and enjoying espresso’s in cafes there- to just live and love to paint and paint and paint…

I would willingly give up my enjoyment of hunting and fishing here, to be able to live a life of just creating beautiful watercolor paintings of Art in such locations… One of my goals after getting the Internet Café established is to do just that… But I will be bouncing some back and forth- what I would call- The Best of Both Worlds…

To be able to enjoy the fall colors here and when Winter’s cold winds and flakes of snow cover the world of view, to go there where it is a bit warmer, and spend a week here and a week there, traveling and painting there… The best things in life and the ones you need to work the hardest to achieve, this is one of my Goals…


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  1. Charles, I know this is terribly overdue but I cannot help expressing my sincere thank-you right here for featuring my paintings. It is a pure joy to be able to share my work on my blog; to find out there are people like you who tell me that my work brings back their fond memories from the past, and take the time to write a blog post about it, is more than an honor for me. Grazie mille.

    • Il mio onore

      Was a shear delight to write, and I deeply thank you for the inspiration of your talent and beauty you share within your watercolors has given me- and yes, very fond memories of Italy indeed… I look forward to the next time going with the idea of painting and not just visiting and seeing with camera in hand, but with brush and pad, included in my satchel…

      Maybe at some point we will meet at an Art Show and can enjoy a coffee, tea or refreshing drink and talk at some point… Would love to someday see you paint…

      Again, Thank you!!!

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