Is it “Color or Colour”, as an artist I always wanted to know

Is it “Color or Colour”, as an artist I am often needing to type “Color” and I always get this word messed up in trying to spell them… Have you ever asked this question of all those words that are spelled differently based on where you are born or learn to read and write? Paint me a picture full of “colours” so I might be able to understand… Why do Americans spell words like “COLOUR” and “NEIGHBOUR” without a “U”?

Is it Watercolour or Watercolor Set?

I remember with a smile, my Mom telling me in looking at my spelling tests and writings of when I was young, her saying; “You would have done fine if you had been raised in the England”… And it didn’t make sense to me then, and still doesn’t in how I view words- in a dyslexic way… Kind of see it as long as the idea comes forth, that is all that matters…

But I have learned to try to use Spell Check and lean on it heavily and to read things out loud as often as possible of my writings… But the questions still comes to mind so often, when ever I spell check a document and Walla, there again, I spelled color- COLOUR…

As an artist it has always made me ponder this question, as many art supplies are made in Europe, and I use to fine the two different spelling’s of Color/Colour often in Commercial Arts Supply store in Syracuse- an artist’s paradise to wonder through and see of so many different art supplies under one roof… So many hours I would spend in this store on my way or from college classes to where I lived, and in buying the needed art materials I hadn’t bulk ordered through mail order Art supply services that saved me lots of money instead of paying full retail… But sometimes I didn’t have enough time to mail order art materials for an assignment and paying full retail was needed…

While I was in Rome and Bologna Italy, I wondered into a couple art supplies stores or shops… In one shop the bell tinged loudly as I opened the door, the beautiful smells of varnish, oils liquors and the sweet pigment fragrances filled my nose with a childish glee and excitement that only an artist, printer or paint shop person might understand… Here where art supplies not only in Italian, but also in French and also proper English UK spellings… There in large letter over a sign and tubes and blocks of painting pigments under the sign saying: “Windsor & Newton Watercolour”, it didn’t say “Watercolor”… Then under is on the different rows, was a paint sample pad, the sign in Italian it read “Campioni di colore” and under it “Colour Samples”, with the different watercolor names, their numbers and a wash of that tube’s paint beside it… Have to love the Italians with their mix of languages and culture!!!
Charles Taggart, Basic Author

So in looking up online which was the correct spelling, I found this link that explained why words are spelled different between American’s and the European’s proper English…

Here’s the answer: Wikipedia- “American and British English spelling differences”


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