In Business and Creative Work, Share your Ideas but Don’t Give Out Your Full Recipe!!!

Something my Gram use to say to me, “Don’t give your recipe away”, with a smile a piece of advice I learned also through business to practice … In creating images, websites, logos and sharing business ideas, never give the Full recipe of them away!!!

I remember my Grandma’s house; the smell of cookies and pies would fill the air, as she would make things for a bake sale for her church fund raising events… The Minster would say her cookies and pies always sold and brought in very good money in their bake auctions and sales they did there, and how they also would miss her with her passing away At her funeral… To this I smiled deeply, not only proud of her with the memories of how scrumptious her baked goods where, but how great her saying was in business…

I remember her telling me, “It is ok to give out a few samples of your cookies or what not to those interested, but never give the whole recipe away, and Good samples make them want it more”… This I found out through experience is a great way to also protect your ideas and creations…

I learned the hard way with this in the past… I had a few clients that I would design a website for, share with them the concept online through designed site I had on private area of my site for them to “OK”, before to continue the creative process and do their jobs… But I had some not so honest people- they didn’t hire or pay me, only to find they paid someone else to put it together- they hired a student or cheaper unprofessional web designer to COPY my ideas, work and the HTML of these samples… Costing me wasted time and the stealing of my ideas, changed just enough so I really couldn’t take them to court for Copyright infringement… I also have had other dishonest people do the same with Logos, illustrations and photos I had shared, forgetting to post a Copyright across the image…

This also happened with my ideas and concepts I had, and shared some of them with people who thought they could just hire or get someone else to do… A local Business man I helped in starting the towns Business Development Committee, took my ideas of creating a Business Incubator for the town and county… This idea I spent 3 months explaining to him, and my experience at the Syracuse Business Incubator… Though he was a smart person, it seemed he took a long time to really understand this idea and concept… He then wanted to fund it for a business for profit and have his wife manage the business, while I was in the background, setting everything up… I told him that would be stupid and self centered, and that there were large amounts of grants for small business development out there to support such an idea… With this idea, it was also added to the County Economic Devotement Goals list for the county… What I didn’t realize was my ideas and concepts this local businessman presented to others as if they were all “his idea”… I state this now knowing I also have all of the e-mails I wrote to him explaining these ideas and the dated concepts in the work in my portfolio or the website, the work with in… With this and the other things I had done locally for the Chamber of Commerce, he got the NY Governor’s Small Business Award for using my and taking the credit of my hard work, ideas and concepts- I getting a small “thank you” in his speech as he received the award…

So with these experiences in my life, I learned, “Never give out the Full Recipe”… In design work, I do hand drawn samples, then scan them, and in the file, place a COPYRIGHT watermark on them… Web Design, I do window shots of the designs now to show clients, and in business ideas, such as my Internet Café, I give out the Basic Concept, but not “How I will do it” with all of the many details being very general, with all of my experience and know how going to do it…

So, in sharing your ideas and/or doing work for others for creative endeavors of Freelance art or ideas don’t give out your full Recipe, learn to protect your creative concepts!!!


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