Making a difference- Mark Horvath of is a Hero for all!

Mark Horvath– 15 years ago he was a TV exec. 14 years ago he ended up homeless on Hollywood Blvd. Mark started a homeless awareness vlog (Video Blog) to raise awareness about homelessness in America, he started Invisible People TV-

Mark grew up in the Binghamton, New York area. He described a couple days before Mother’s day, that he was a bad boy… He had a rough hell raising teenage life, being involved in drugs and having too much fun that wasn’t good… He considers his Mother his True Hero, for all she did for him in his life, putting up with him and teaching him to stand up for himself and what is truly right… After hearing him talk about him Mom, I can truly understand just how much he respects her and cares for her…

Mark Horvath Interviewing a homeless person for his online show InvisablePeople.TV

Mark: “I don’t know that I’m driven by passion. I don’t see any other choice in what I do. I really don’t. I help homeless people. I didn’t wake up one day and say “this is my career move…” It just happened. I once had a great career in television and I ended up homeless on Hollywood Boulevard…I did everything both good and bad a person can do in Los Angeles. When I first hit the streets homeless I didn’t know how I was going to survive. I had a 6-foot iguana…I was sitting on the wall (by the Chinese theater), with my head in the lap…and asking “How am I going to live?” Some tourist pull up and they get out of the bus and ask “Can I take a picture of your iguana?” I said “for a dollar,” and they all started handing me dollars. That’s how I became the lizard man of Hollywood – that’s how I survived.”

Mark uses Social Media and Web 2.0 to help bring awareness of the pain, suffering, hardship and successes of homeless people of America and what they go through…

Mark Horvath interviewing a homeless person in their makeshift tent...

He is using Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Ustream and his blog interviewing homeless people to help bring awareness to this huge problem…

If you want to make a difference, you can follow him on twitter, Become a fan on FaceBook or go to this vlog and website to find out how you can help his cause in helping fellow American citizens in their struggles of hardships that these hard times and life that are creating Invisible People… I have been able to virtually meet, chat and listen to Mark online through Social Media, through Twitter and in his InvisablePeople.TV, he’s truly an amazing person and has a heart of gold, helping people who truly need help, doing the right thing in Making a Difference…

Mark is now one of my hero’s and a hero he should be for all!!!

I hope to someday be able to meet him in person and shake his hand!!! I will do and try as soon as I possibly can to help him in this cause of helping Invisible People… This being the fist thing for now I can do and offer to him, writing a little about him and his cause and try to help get the message out… My way of saying thank you for sharing your story and in talking every so often via Twitter… Again, your one of my Hero’s Mark!!!

You can see some Mark Horvath’s interviews or follow him, check out the following links:


Ustream: WhatGives with Mark Horvath


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