Foursquare Partners with VisitPA

VisitPA & Foursquare Become Partners

Pennsylvania state’s official tourism website, VisitPA has partnered with Foursquare to help it’s tourism, their the FIRST state to partner with a location based Application to help attract tourism…

Foursquare is a fairly new Tech start-up in New York City and the city Mayor Bloomberg wants more start-up tech firms in NYC, but New York State’s Tourism Department can’t even figure out the great opportunity it has of it’s own businesses within it’s state…  Pennsylvania’s Tourism Department isn’t the first to partner with Foursquare; the city of Chicago’s Tourism Department also recently announced this too…

So Pennsylvania is now jumping ahead of many other states in being the first to attract tourism to come to their beautiful state using a Location Based Application such as Foursquare…  I tip my hat to the person who came up with this idea to partner with Foursquare, he or she deserves a raise!!!

These Location Based Applications are becoming very popular with Smartphone users…  Foursquare has a user base of over 1 million users, Gowalla over 150,000 users and maybe that isn’t huge numbers with over 45.5 million people in the United States who own SmartPhones -“Yet”, but both Location Based Applications companies are still new and growing daily…  Kind of hard to ignore these kind of numbers and with the recent sales that have been going on of iPhones in Walmart selling the iPhone 3Gs, there will be even more and more users soon to be using these location based applications…  SmartPhones are no longer being just the used and owned by the financial or technical elite…

I wrote some of in a past Article; “Is Rural Business ready for Foursquare and Gowalla Location Based Applications?” In how businesses and small towns not having good or any websites to support users of location based applications on SmartPhones such as Foursquare or Gowalla…  All states have a tourism department and most counties and cities do too even small towns have a website highlighting their local activities…  If you’re a web site designer you need to help these small towns and the businesses within them catch up to the times of the Internet, a very good opportunity for a new website designer and also experienced web designers…

If you’re a restaurant, hotel or a business that relies on tourism, you would be a fool not to hire a GOOD website designer that can both design you a well designed and functional working website and add for you these location based application advertising for your business to attract customers and clients…


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