Why Has New York State Tourism Not Partnered with Foursquare

Pennsylvania State’s official tourism website, VisitPA.com announced last week that they partnered with Foursquare.com being the 1st state to use a location based application to help attract tourism…  Foursquare is a fairly new Tech start-up located in New York City; Mayor Bloomberg wants more start-up tech firms to start in NYC too…  Why hasn’t New York City and New York State’s I♥NY Tourism Departments partnered up with Foursquare yet?

The tourism department of Pennsylvania is the first state to do this, but it isn’t the first to partner with Foursquare.com and see this as a great advertising benefit; the city of Chicago’s tourism department also recently announced their partnering with them too…

Foursquare users can state what restaurant, business or location they are and it is tweeted on Twitter.com to their friends, so one friend tweeting this their friends might go and their friends and so on, the best word of mouth advertising one could ask for, just one post could let all of your friends on Twitter know you are there and through searches can also highlight that location to others, how you rate it, possible discounts and so forth, and all this too can be posted to your Twitter account… TweetDeck has even in their last couple updates of .34.2 added a new feature where you can also pull up the map from where the person posted their location and see how to get there… This should be a great benefit for town city county and state tourism…

Foursquare has a user base of over 1 million users, hard to ignore these kinds of numbers for possible advertising.  New York’s official tourism website iloveny.com has a Twitter account, @i_LOVE_NY with over 24,180 followers…  If they partnered with Foursquare with an effective social networking campaign, it would attract more people to see New York State, even be able to link the posts through the Twitter account from followers there and Re-Tweet it for all to see that follow them…

It would also be a job creator in encouraging more towns, county’s and Cities to update their websites and business to create or update their websites that link to Foursquare.com.  More advertising equals more tourism, which means more jobs and state sales tax revenue…

If New York State tourism department where to partner with Foursquare, think of the possible jobs and income this choice could make…   It would allow more people to know what is happening across NY State to go visit and enjoy the beauty of New York State with it’s many events and tourist attractions…


3 Responses

  1. Foursquare is an ideal tool for tourism, maybe New York State hasn’t officially teamed up with Foursquare because of the New York City Specific Badges already available on FourSquare, at any rate it is suprising not to see more tourism boards making use of the popular tool.

    • Wardell,
      I so agree with it being a great tool for tourism!!! Though I will admit I feel much of Rural America is falling behind in their lack of use of Tech, websites using social media and not location based applications such as Foursquare… But am hopeful some designers will help the smaller towns and counties get up to speed…

      Thanks for the Comment!!!

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