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Bloggers are you using NetworkedBlogs? You should be!

NetworkedBlogs is a Facebook Application with NetworkedBlogs.com being an extension of the FaceBook application… It is a directory of blogs organized by topic and geographical locations…  The application for FaceBook is great as it allows you to import your blog feed to your profile or fan page, so that you can share your articles or articles of blogs you follow to your friends or fans…  It is also listed by category and subject matter within this directory, allowing people using it to quickly find blogs of interest…

NetworkedBlogs currently only provides a subset of the information that is offered inside FaceBook. With time they plan to add more features and more information.  They plan to make their user-generated blog directory accessible outside FaceBook and provide more exposure to the blogs that use this service.

The web site, NetworkedBlogs is still in its early stages, but is getting better and better and growing in popularity…  When I first started using them almost a year ago, they had 70,000 blogs, now they have over 300,000 blogs in less then a year of growth…  It is also the most popular blog application on FaceBook

FaceBook plans to soon announce a user base of over 500 million users by the end of June 2010… NetworkedBlogs has over 1,187,381 (as of June 8th) monthly active users on FaceBook… With that may users doesn’t it seem obvious to use a blog application that is already the most used within FaceBook?

NetworkedBlogs Blog Profile area showing Blog Description Controls and latest Blog Feed Entry list

NetworkedBlogs works on both FaceBook Profiles and  Pages and you can add a link to the page that shows your viewers the Blogs you follow…  On your Blog you can also add a widget that allows viewers to follow your blog and the application also keeps track of those followers for you in your NetworkedBlogs profile…What is really nice is you can import your blog feed to your profile or fan page, along with other articles from Blogs you follow too…

NetworkedBlogs News Feed showing the latest Blog Articles posted by Date

What I find really nice about this application, I can open the NetworkedBlogs app and be able to browse the latest updates of all the blogs I follow, I follow a fair amount- over 120+ Blogs and always finding more of my interests…  Not all Blogs update daily or weekly, so this I find as a nice way to view the highlighted new articles that have been posted…  This also gives a brief intro of the article  from the first couple sentences and links to the first opening photo of the blog too making it nice to quickly scan the many articles…

NetworkedBlogs View of Blog from list allowing controls to “Like & Post to FaceBook and/or Twitter

Then once you open an article to read, on top you can “Like” it and post the article to your FaceBook page or Twitter account to share with your friends…

Getting set up is easy, just add your Blog URL, and fill out owner name, subject and a little description of your Blog subject matter…  Then you can either post the NetworkedBlogs Widget on the Blog or have 10 people certify that you are the Author and wal-la, you’re on the list…  You’ve a choice of three Widgets to choose from that can be on you Blog page too, where people reading your Blog can also follow from…

NetworkedBlogs Invite Friends to Follow your Blog

Inviting people on your list or within FaceBook friend’s list is easy, just open up “Invite People to follow” in your Blog Profile, and it gives you an easy list of all the people that you have as friends on FaceBook, it even add the ability to add those that aren’t using FaceBook by giving a space for e-mail addresses too…

One even shows a list with photos from their FaceBook page of the people who are following your blog…  Once you have 20+ followers you are then shown on the full open list of the subject matter of your Blog, but there is also a list of those blog with less then 20 too in one link, but they highlight more those with 20+ followers…

So, if you’re the owner of a blog, either for business or interests I highly recommend connecting to NetworkedBlogs so you can share your articles with the many people on FaceBook that are using this great application…


11 Responses

  1. It is a very interesting application but does require Facebook. I just checked it out and it also requires that you follow 5 other blogs in order to take advantage of the tool. Perhaps it is worth revisiting Facebook.

    I think the concept is great and will definitely maximize your exposure.

  2. Thanks for the post. It’s really amazing how the web has grown so interactive. It sounds like this is another helpful tool to expand your network and connect with others. I will definitely try it out.

    • Todd,

      I agree, being able to remember the first few websites created after the one about the Cat, and grown out of the links between major universities, when it was mostly Professors and Students and one step past HyperCard and the implementing of TCP/IP used to network some Macs and Next computers to what it is now… I remember when I thought it was neat just being able to contact people at a few other universities from Syracuse University and just be able to see how the weather or what was happening in Ithaca with students there at Ithaca College or Cornell University… Now with smart phones faster and more memory then those 30+ pound Mac SE & PowerMacs of 1988-93… and what you can do with them… The new iPhone now experience the same thing with its screen resolution as back then with Postscript fonts for visual smoothness…

      In 1993/4ish, I had friends at Cornell who called me and video conference using one of the first of it’s kind, CuSeeme, and now you can do that from anywhere… in 1998 I was able to be sitting in a café in Rome Italy while working on a website here in my town without a stoplight, designing a website for a hunting lodge while sipping espresso, but I had to connect back then at the Hotel to upload it. Now one can upload and chat, video conference and all from almost anywhere in the world…

      It is truly an amazing adventure of interests and information exchanges… It’s amazing to see how much it has grown and wonder of where it will bring the devices and us yet to come…

      Thank you for your response…


  3. An interesting post Charles! I appreciate your taking the time to fully explain what NetworkedBlogs is all about. I especially like that one can scan all the blogs they are following quickly and concisely in one place.
    Thanks again,
    ~Melody Lea Lamb

    • Melody,

      Yes, that feature is one of my favorites… I tend to check my FaceBook a bit more often then Twitter as there are family and friends within that account… And I like also the ability to post other articles I follow from there too…
      Thank you for your response…

  4. […] Read more from the original source: Bloggers are you using NetworkedBlogs? You should be! « Charles … […]

  5. Very nice site!

    • Thank you John

  6. Hey Charles, it was great to read your post about this app. I’ve looked at it multiple times and have almost set it up multiple times as well. What has held me back was not understanding if it would affect my Google analytics with my wordpress site or not. If what is read on facebook can be tracked then I’m in. If not, then I’ll probably sit out until it can.


  7. Don’t give them TOO much credit, all page views are intercepted by Networked Blogs so your blog doesn’t get the credit. You could literally be missing thousands of hits a day. I tried to cancel but they have some kind of lock on your account where you can’t cancel. Isn’t that a bitch

    • Hmmm… I didn’t know that will look into that more when I add Google Analytics to it… But I would think it should show as a hit from NetworkedBlogs…

      I would think that disconnecting NetworkedBlogs would be as easy as changing the title or password to your Blog… I know it won’t read any blog once you have changed the Title of the Blog…

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