Sweet Memories of Grandma, Gargoyles, Turtles, Pigeons, Art and Barbeques.

I had a chance the other day to be in Syracuse, NY, the city I was born in and also attended the University at and have so many family ties with… After a meeting of viewing the Oncenter, I left there to head towards the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce and took a bit of a detour walk a couple blocks out of my way on streets I remember walking so often 20 some odd years ago while I attended Syracuse University and also as a child… Walking by the Syracuse Hotel, looking up to see the Gargoyles that are on the corner of this beautiful building…

Syracuse Hotel

As I passed the Hotel, I started to come towards Columbus Circle, where once my great grandfather Oot’s law firm was located and memories of being a child visiting my Grandmother there in her secretary office that looked down on the circle with the fountain… Such sweet memories of this location, with the monument of Columbus the sound of the water fountain basins overflowing with the water, thinking back to sitting at this very spot so many times with her, feeding the pigeons with the crust of her sandwich she handed me…

I remember being maybe 4 or 5 years old looking down from Grandma’s office, saying something to her about wanting to see the turtles in the water…

Columbus Circle, Syracuse, New York

Her office was on one of the higher floors of the building that is now no longer there, with a beautiful view of Columbus Circle… She didn’t know what I was talking with my wanting to see the turtles until we walked down there… We sat near the fountain and though she had eaten her lunch there so many times, I remember her telling me she had just never really noticed the turtles that hold up the basins of water… I recall her saying she use to love having lunch there with her father on sunny afternoons, and she pointed to the large building

Columbus Circle Fountain- Turtles

and told me he would go to the Court building to help people… Then she told me the statue was Columbus who found this country, in honor and memory of him meeting the Indians, as there are also Indian chief heads on this statue… I on the other hand was more interested in the turtles or feeding the pigeons…

Sitting in the same spot where we once fed the pigeons, I finished my travel mug of espresso, took a couple photos and allowed these memories I hold so close to my heart of her fill my mind… For a few moments I closed my eyes and could smell of her sweet rose perfume and hear her soft warm voice… How I miss her so…

Memories of the Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival also filled my mind, as it is held here with a few of the local streets closed off… I would come with my Grandparents enjoying the many beautiful artist’s booths filled with hand made ceramics, fabric and fiber, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, wood, painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture, and photography… With my Grandfather and I would love to sample the many different foods… Grandma had studied illustration at Syracuse University in the early 30’s, so we would love to see the paintings and talk art… Grandpa loved sailing, so any artist who had sail boats he would love to talk to or talk to artists just to find out where they where from, or how things where made… On my shelf in my office I have one of the wooden ships an artist had created that my grandfather had purchased, after an hour of talking sailboats with the artist… This is an art show I do plan on being a part of in the future, once I have my studio reopened including the Giclee service I am going to add to the studio to sell art prints and original watercolor paintings there…

Leaving the circle of memories I continued to the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce… After gaining some information there about membership and hearing of an upcoming Social Media lunch event they are having later in July, I left to meet my girlfriend for lunch at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurant…

More memories of this establishment came pouring into my mind… I was in college when it had opened in 1990 including live blues music at night… How often I had walked through those doors or sat at the tables outside with friends enjoying the great blues music, food and the many things to see within this great restaurant… Their tasty barbequed meats and dishes they serve there are something words can’t truly describe but even now as I write this, it is making me hungry for it and it’s just 7:15am… If you ever get a chance to go to Syracuse NY, this is a must stop for having a lunch or supper at the Original Dinosaur Bar-B-Que!!! They have grown since and have locations also in New York City and Rochester, NY… You can order their sauces and cookbook online too, but having a meal there is worth the trip!!!

So a day well spent, good information on an event I am looking to do, beautiful memories of my youth and finishing it with a great lunch… I will be back again to Syracuse, and am sure I will be enjoying more of their different dishes, maybe next time I will have room for their Key Lime pie… I am thinking I might even have to write a bit just about Dinosaur Bar-B-Que hmmmm…


6 Responses

  1. First of all, let me say that I like the new blog design Charles! Awesome!

    Next, what a lovely post! I actually felt like I was there – with you – remembering it all. Well done!

    And thank you for sharing the memories!

    • Thanks Debbie for leaving such a great comment… And yes, I look forward to your being able to see the area some, when you can come to the Social media Conference I am putting together!!!


  2. Sweet Memories of Grandma, Gargoyles, Turtles, Pigeons, Art and ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. Great description of the landscape Charles. I agree with Debbie. I felt like I have been there.

  4. I don’t make it that far Upstate anymore but will definitely check out the places you have mentioned. I think it is so great that you are able to take a trip down memory lane like that. So many wonderful experiences. Thank you for sharing them. Syracuse now has a more personal appeal thanks to your memories!

    • I do hope you will be able to get upstate and visit some of the beauty that is so prevalent in upstate NY state… I would also encourage you to visit Ithaca, as it has a plethora of not only nature, but eco friendly and organic living that I know you would enjoy in seeing…

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