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Separate e-Mail Accounts for your Social Media…

I’ve been doing social media for a while now and have found that it isn’t good to use just one or two accounts to handle all of your e-mails and notifications…  So setting up your Social Media e-mail accounts correctly in the beginning is key and will help your time management in the long run…

I’ve just two e-mails accounts I was using, one for Business and the 2nd one for personal e-mails and added my Social Media accounts to that one…  After the 4th of July, where I spent a few days off line, I came back to find over 1000 e-mails in my Personal e-mail account, most of which was FaceBook and Twitter notifications…  But the time spent going through all of them for the few important e-mails I had received was a hard one to swallow, it ended up taking several hours of sorting and responding…  So many of the Social Media notifications can be left to be taken care of only a few times a week, instead of everything all mixed into one or two e-mail accounts…

I have at the moment, just two major Social Media accounts, but am gearing up to have a few more accounts soon for business…  I have my Twitter Name account, as I am a free-lance artist and my Name is really my brand and not so much my business name or DBA…  So I have my @CharlesTaggart account on Twitter, with over 4300+ people following me and I follow over 4700+ People, Business’s and News accounts… I receive notifications of those who follow me and direct messages from people, sometimes several hundred a day…  These can start to pile up, depending on how popular or virtual you are in Twitter

I also have my Personal FaceBook account, which I have tried to keep mostly close friends on this one…  I do intend very soon to be adding a Fan Page for Business and adding a Group page to it, and I am also thinking to adding a Fan page for my Blog …  In FaceBook, you get notifications of all sorts of activity not only things to you, but what others are saying on other pages…  This is a good thing, if you have the pages set up correctly…  Like in Business, follow your competitors, so you can see what other people are saying about their services or products…

Added to this is also my Blog, and the notifications to this is also added to the pile of electric mail I receive, as also is my Linkined account with the groups in there I follow that send me notifications…

I also receive newsletters from clients, colleges and friends of common interests and memberships of Organizations and interests I have…  So another e-mail account will also be needed for these e-mails…

I’m working on creating a Social Media and Technology conference for the Fall of 2011, where I will have a website and will be creating an account for Twitter, FaceBook Fan page and Group page with a Blog for this also…  Added to this are my client’s social media, which I am going to also be helping to change over to better manage their e-mail accounts…

I also have plans of adding FriendFeed and YouTube accounts to my Social Media campaign and possibly an Ustream.tv account…  Between all of these Social Media accounts, there could be a lot of e-mail notifications… Add these many social media accounts with a Major Business Account e-mail, Client e-mail and order e-mails, and my PayPal and Amazon accounts, there are just a bunch of e-mails and electric notifications one can receive, and having them separated allows me to better maintain and manage my time and priorities for better responses…

Once you have figured out all of the different e-mails, go and reset your various Social Media accounts so each one is connected with a different e-mail account…  Then for better time management, start setting times to check these different Social Media accounts during your work week, so you can have 1-3 times a week to check and respond to them if need me, or file them for backing up followers information from them…  This will also help with the possibility of Bulk e-mail campaigns and creating the lists of recipients that you might have to send your advertisement or information to…  Like I wouldn’t really want to be sending highlights of my limited edition prints to the news or magazines I often might write to or send PR to…

I don’t want to happen again the problem of going through so many unneeded Twitter and FaceBook notifications to locate e-mails from family and business…  In the long run you will be thankful for setting this up in the beginning of your Social Media Campaign of your business…

So if you are about to get into Social Media or have and are now receiving a plethora of e-mails, take some time to sort and figure out how many new e-mail accounts you will be needing to better help you with managing your electronic mail and notifications and time better…


7 Responses

  1. Great tip Charles. When I started using social media last year I have a carefully designed strategy to handle the logistics of emails. If you’re not organized it can be a pain. Right now I have multiple email accounts. Balancing the personal stuff from the business is key.

  2. Thanks for the tip Charles! I agree with Todd, in social networking I believe the key is to stay organized. Plus I think one needs to keep it simple! I stick to the philosophy of “do one or two things really well (ie. Twitter and FaceBook) rather that ten things poorly”. Social networking by itself can be a huge time drain, especially if you’re unorganized and get several hundred emails a day from each site!

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Melody Lea Lamb. Melody Lea Lamb said: Smart!~> RT @CharlesTaggart Separate e-Mail Accounts for your Social Media… : http://wp.me/ppfkx-7g […]

  4. first i did the same as you but as soon as i noticed a flow coming i did create a third for friends , and daily i delete none needed ones ,it takes minutes but boring hehe

  5. I have always encouraged new business owners to do this. It is especially effective when attending trade shows because your information is sold to marketers.

    I once had a marketing assistant sign up for some information that I wanted to review and qualify. I suggested that she use her pet’s name. (Her pet was a guinea pig named after her ex-bf). That is one of the more clever ways I keep track of spammers! When they call the office and demand to speak to him, stating that they are following up on a previous conversation, it is so amusing to hear the reaction or hang up when they are told the truth! lol

    A great suggestion for management of multiple email addresses is to use a mail client like Thunderbird. It really does help you to keep order and respond to emails that need immediate attention.

    • June,

      When I was also offering Website hosting in my studio, I had several e-mail addresses set up. For Spam I was using the server and e-mail software that also allowed me to filter out spam and known spammers… Something that I will once again be doing, once I open my Internet café in VA and will be again hosting… I will check out Thunderbird and see if it is better then the Apple Mail I have been using some of late…

  6. Very nice site!

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