For Business Websites, Add Interesting Employee Profiles!!!

I was looking for information about when I came across this web page that highlights all those who work at Etsy.com This “About” page is very informative and inspirational in their description of what Esty is: “Our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers. Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice: Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade”. Included next to this description is a great video about that includes Robert Kalin, Esty Founder of this great online Arts and Crafts online selling tool… He explains how he came up with the concept of it being an online Community for selling Arts and Crafts that are truly unique… I love the way he highlights that the Core of Esty is the ability to Human to human relationships…

For those of you who don’t know, is a social commerce website focusing on handmade

Etsy Screenshot Screenshot

and/or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies, allowing people to sell their items and products online through the website… The company charges users a flat listing fee (of 20 cents per items), and takes a commission of 3.5% off all items sold… The site received 20,820,503 Visits and 5,154,574 Unique Visitors in June 2010… Over 70% of Etsy users are in the US and Canada…. Etsy has a number of great features for users who are looking for items to buy… There is even a “Geo-locator” making it very easy to find items by location. The site also allows sellers to customize their virtual storefront pages to display their items to possible buyers….

The “About Page” is not only is it an informative page about, this page has an area that

Screenshot of Etsy Employee's

shares photos of all that work at Esty and is split into the different departments of the business… This is something should add to their Business Websites!!! It gives more of a human touch to online business, not just cold sales and dry information about a business…

I found this page GREAT, it gives the name and a photo of each person that works at… Then to make it even BETTER, many of the photos have a link to a page that has a bio of that person, with each person’s page being different… What is really interesting is it isn’t your normal Bio Page of Information like a resume or highlighting their responsibilities… Some highlight hobbies, some basic backgrounds or what ever that person wanted to post on that page about them selves… Other Bio’s have pictures when they where young, some have artwork and some added video to these pages- making them all very unique and very personable… Most of the people who work there are also Artisans and Craft people whom have an Esty account and add with a their Esty User name with a description of their own artistic interests… They might even talk some about their own artwork they sell within this great website that sells Arts and Crafts online…

The end of the page is called “Fun Facts”… This area is filled with interesting views, history, statements of the person and even what others might say of the person at work or what they might view of someone else at work…

Highlighting the employees of a business is a great way to highlight the people that work within a small business!!! Giving the viewer- be it a client or possible client, a way to get to know better the people working there, a personable touch…

In relating, sharing and become more personable, small businesses that do business online could attract more customers by being nicer, relating to them with interests, treat them like they wanted to be treated and making them feel comfortable… In doing this in a small business, you will be able to attract more clients and make it easier to connect with adding Social Media to your Online Advertising plan…


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