A Paper, a Pen, a Table to Sit at…

A paper, a pen, a table to sit at and a window to look out of that sheds it’s light within, opening it to let the smells of summer in…

Crunch, crinkle, crack, tip pity tap, tap, tap, as an idea gone astray is crumbled up to find the floor missing the basket, a newer and better thought begins to be shared upon a new piece of paper…

Chirp-chirp, tweet- tweet softly flowing through the window as birds singing their morning songs of good mornings that flow through the open window…  The slow movement of white, orange, purple and pinks that seem to have been painted on an blue background, as if mountains of clouds that ever move, grow and change of landscapes like mountains that float in the sky…  Soft breeze that send trees slowly swaying, leaves shimmering, shifting in the windows view outside…

I wonder of how many artisans of the past have enjoyed such simple things to create with… Thinking to photos of other artists, writers, musicians who have done the same, allowing the creativeness of thoughts to be shared, filling an empty sheet, then maybe another and another after… Painting with words, notes, pencil lead that grays the hand, and pigments that stains the fingertips through creation… Letting the creative juices of ideas and thoughts stain and shade the parchment allowing them to share their own insights…

This day of technology, electric paper, screen’s like portable TV’s that fill our lives…  Tap, tap, tap, tip pity tap, click, click- tap, tap, tap, the sound of the keyboard under fingertips without inks, no pencils, no erasers or white out needed, missing what so many artisans of history have used to create the great works of old of so many years of creativity…. Electric sketch pads, notebooks with batteries that hold libraries and file cabinets, exchange of ideas in an instant over wires and cables, fans a buzzing, sometimes wondering if this is truly natural…

Are we forgetting the simplicity of creating that so many in histories enjoyed?  If you agree, then give the computer a rest…  Clear off a table near a window, upon it put some blank paper in a pile, a pen or pencil, an eraser and opens the window…  Sit enjoying the simple sounds and the view of the clouds that race across the sky, just sit there watching, listening- hear the whispers of creativeness fill you mind, and let it be shared on paper…


6 Responses

  1. I agree!! There is something about paper and a pencil that a computer or typewriter just can’t compete with.

    I like to think I write better when I use paper and a pencil too.

    Great post! Thanks.

    • I so agree, though have to admit, I use it more for doing my sketching for artwork, and making my notes for writing… Paper doesn’t have spell-check, and I am dyslexic… But I always make sure I have some paper and a pen or pencil while going ANYWHERE or while doing anything, like working around my family farmstead for ideas and concept building- you never know when suddenly you have inspirations … While driving I even keep a mini tape recorder with me, as trying to write while driving is not a good thing- though I have done artwork while stuck in traffic- pen & ink shading and some drawing…


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  4. A+ would read again

  5. keep it real, iight

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