Windsor and Newton Mornings…

I wake to another morning of what I call a “Windsor & Newton Morning”, the fog that hovers over valleys and surrounding the hills that my hometown is located within- the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York State…  I call it a Windsor & Newton morning due to the classic water color styles of Europe that shows scenery and landscapes that fade into the mist and fog, where buildings, hills and trees turn to gray shadows that fade away and only the images up close are clear…

My Barn on a foggy morning

It is mornings like this that I sit sipping my espresso, missing so deeply the smell and feel of the sweet smell of pigments, stained rainbow colors of fingertips from watercolors and inks and washing out my Windsor & Newton watercolor brushes…  How the touch of the edge of watercolor paper in its hot or cold press texture under my pencil sketches or the speedy quick rhythm of doing stipple with my Kohinoor Radiograph pens as I listen to the sounds of birds that sing their morning songs…

Foggy morning view in the valley

My studio is in boxes at the moment, blankets covering my drawing board and ten-drawer unit, as I do some renovation work and rebuilding to it…  A storm with 70 MPH winds took a large Tree down, dropping a large limb that was 2 feet thick in the middle of the sidewall, just over where a window had been that met the roofline…  So I need to take the whole wall out, and rebuild it…

So till I finish this renovation on my studio, I will be only taking photos for future reference of the sights and images I normally enjoy working on within my studio for those cold days and nights of winter, when there is no color outside but white…  The foggy images of Windsor & Newton Mornings…


5 Responses

  1. Beautiful photography as well as words Charles!

    I was outside shoveling the dirt out of the driveway again, and I was getting rained on by Acorns. Early fall.

    Thanks again for the great posts!

  2. Just stunning words and photos Charles – they take my breath/fog away :)!

  3. Your photos are beautiful as are your thoughts and words.

  4. Amazing photos. You caught the beauty of the natural.

  5. ok how is this supposedto mean?

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