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Sunrise on Chincoteague’s Beach is Such an Inspiration…

Sounds of the beach with Seagulls mixed with the soft whisper of the wind and the rolling waves as they hit the beach chasing the  Sandpipers back and forth …  Stopping for coffee, before to drive into the Assiteague National park on the beach near Chincoteague Island…  The sun shining already reflecting colors in the marshes as we drove to the beach, stopping every now and then to catch a moment in a photo…

How beautiful it is here, with so many colors reflecting off the water and skyline of the marches…  At one moment, there where 5-6 Heron and Egrets still standing sleeping on one leg giving sleepy eyes to us being early morning passer- bys…

Marshes near Chincoteague's Beach

Marshes near Chincoteague's Beach

Sand underfoot, between toes, watching the many kinds of seagulls fly by, seeking their mornings breakfast, some waiting staring at me, thinking I might share some of my coffee with them as I stood looking over the multi-colored skyline that reflected it’s colors and hues into the ocean and upon the sand…

Slowly the small orange globe of the sun climbs above the waves and Blue Ocean that fades off to beyond eyesight, with the feel of the sand being taken from under bare feet, as the waves came crashing in surrounding my ankles…  The cry of seagulls calling out the solo calls of searching for their breakfasts…

I sit here rolling my toes in the sand, as I write, after watching the sun slowly come up over the horizon line…  The sound only of the rhythmic waves and soft wind, with the cries of seagulls fills the air…  No one in sight along the beach except my girlfriend, who is walking along the water’s edge, every so often stopping to look over the colored sky and ocean…

Solitude filled with the beauty of nature that cleans one’s soul of thoughts and allowing the creative juices flow from the times of business and daily struggles of life that seem to wash away…  I continue to sit at a picnic bench letting the solace of morning’s first light fill my mind, my soul and being, typing till the light of the day no longer allows me to view the monitor…  Finishing my first mug of coffee, I close my PowerBook slowly, and walk to the edge of the waves and allow them to wash over my bare feet and the colors it fill my mind feeding the creativeness within…

In this beauty ideas seem to flow as if water from the waves, one after the other…  Some of images, colors, future paintings, words, the things I need to do for my business the steps I need to take to accomplish my goals and dreams…  Each one flowing through my minds eye just as the many waves on the beach roll in one after another, after another…  Finding it hard to capture them even if I could write them all down, knowing that I couldn’t even speak them fast enough as the ideas flow and grow…

Foot prints in the sand

The moment now s gone, like the footprints in the sand that have now washed away with the coming of the tide, but the ideas are as seeds growing in my mind, and held close with the memories… Closing my eyes now, for a moment I hear the rhythm of the ocean, smell the salt in the air and feel the sensation of the cool water surrounding my feet that sink slowly in the wet sands with each wave upon wave…

Sometimes getting away from all and any and just allow the beautify of nature to fill your mind allows for a cleansing of sorts that I think we all need…  I find myself thinking, I am fortunate; I live the country and can fill myself with the beautify of forests, hills, waterfalls, the different seasons and wildlife of Central New York State at any time…  But to allow myself this beauty of watching the colors of a sunrise over a vast ocean is something all should experience and hold close…


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