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The Goat Boy’s Coffee Bar with WiFi…

My area of Central New York, just below the Finger Lakes Region and the city of Ithaca, is Tioga County and the county seat of Historic Owego…  On one of the main streets of this beautiful town of Owego, known for having so many different time periods of architecture is a new little Internet Café named “The Goat Boy’s Coffee Bar”…   Where I currently am sitting writing about this lovely establishment…

Owners Lisa and Denise Coratallo have enlarged their unique Gift’s Shop “The Goat Boy” that they have had now for 32 years, to include the location next door between them and the Tioga County Arts Council…  Their Gift shop has a nice collection of Polish Pottery, Pormeirion, Ahava, Vera Bradley Handbags, Duffels, and Luggage along with delicious chocolates from LifeSoSweet.com, a local Chocolate and Classic Candies show in Trumansburg, NY…

Having just come out of the Tioga County Art’s council when I had the need for an espresso, I walked into this new coffee bar next door…  They opened this beautiful little Coffee Bar that include Wi-Fi, great coffee, chocolates and locally baked goods and my favorite Espresso…

Sitting in the back corner of this new establishment enjoying some good music and great polite service from Shelly who was is one of the employees that was making many tasty Java drinks for people who wondered into the café, as I sat back enjoying my espresso…

As I was writing this, two women stopped in to taste of their wonderful chocolates, both enjoying some of the chocolate…  Then they started talking about how good and tasty it was, she telling them it was made locally… Then one of the two women asked if she would take a photo of them by the delicious display of the large array of Chocolates and sweets, she happily took their photos, with them holding up the half gone pieces with a smile, saying they would be back again…

I sat back, taking a couple photos from my vantage point of this roomy warm Coffee Bar, as I sipped a very tasty espresso in a very interesting espresso mug that is so Art Deco, liking the tiny mug very much…  They have a nice spread of tables and chairs including a little area with a sofa and a couple of chairs and coffee table with some magazines spread across it…  They have two artists they stick to showing their artworks in the café, and I have included some photos…  Though I forgot in my enjoyment of the moment to look at the names of the artists…

I was fortunate to have a chance to meet Lisa, one of the owners, having a very pleasant conversation with her…  She was a professional photographer for hotel advertising before settling down to open the shop next door, which has a lot of very unique forms of gifts, arts and crafts within it… As a guy I would say this shop would be a Woman’s joy of browsing and buying, and I also feel this would be a great place for a guy to go to find something for his mother, sister/s and the woman he cares for!!!

Lisa told me they don’t use Twitter and that much of their clientele are people that work and live locally and also the tourists, but they do have a Facebook fan page… I do understand and agreed with this sort of Social Media use, as using Facebook is such a great thing for Businesses, so many people are now using it, even some of my friends that are fairly “Tech Challenged”…  There is also the point that people can opt-in to follow and they can not only see new posts on their Facebook Fan page, but also receive highlights or specials via cell or smart phones…  She said that many people follow them on Facebook, and look forward to see what new crazy things and specials they are offering in the shop and the new Coffee Bar…  Which in my book, is a great-untapped use of Facebook in the county and area that more local businesses should be using!!!

A great Coffee Bar offering Wi-Fi, so you can sit back enjoying a Java, some chocolate, some baked goods or ice cream and check on your e-mail, social networks of get some Blogging or work done with a pleasant comfortable atmosphere…  You can locate them online at www.thegoatboy.com, but I recommend befriending them on their Facebook Fan page to find out what fun and savvy specials, advertising and events they will be offering…


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  1. the coffee tables that we have at home are topped with a thick stained glass which adds more elegance to its looks’-;

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