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A Saint Bernard Christmas…

The Christmas tree all decorated with bulbs and ornaments, brightened up with bright colored lights and tinsel with care…  The cat seeing the sparkles of light, climbed up the tree, to bat at the lights upon the tree…

The Saint Bernard sprang to his feet, wondered of what the cat was up, shaking his jowls and head from sleepy dreams… He thumped on over there with excitement and glee, shoving his big old head deep into the Christmas tree… The cat seeing his head, let out a hiss, jumped with a hop over his head as he stretched in to see…

He tried to turn quickly, to the left then the right, his collar catching some of those Christmas tree lights…  Off he ran after the cat so quick, toppling that Christmas tree, with a bash and bang so quick…

Dragging the tree through the house with big paw steps, running after that cat while sending bulbs and ornaments smashing and crashing…  In chasing the cat, Christmas tree in tow, leaving a trail of tinsel, pine needles, lights and broken Christmas bulbs…  Through the house that dog chased the cat with care, leaving a trail of Christmas tree decorations to show he was there…

Through the kitchen, around the chair, then through the dining room, under the table…  The Christmas tree lights still plugged in, catching a leg, a chair, then coming to a halt as the end of the cord caught with a flare… Then one more burst of effort, as he gave it his might, now dragging the furniture through the house, finally he stopped…

The house a mess with Christmas tree decorations, furniture toppled, and ornaments a smashed, an out of breath Saint Bernard salivating, he flopped down exhausted…  The cat now finding a place to hide, waiting with happiness at the trouble she has inspired…  Several hours of clean up, sweeping and vacuuming, broken Christmas tree bulbs, ornaments and lights, all of them busted…

So when it is Christmas, still having Saint Bernard’s, a living room has no tree, hoping they don’t notice the Christmas Stockings…


2 Responses

  1. I hope you made this up, Chuck, I hope it didn’t really happen

    • It did Sabra, thus why I no longer have or have had a Christmas tree in the house since I think 1997… Also without having kids, kind of no major reason to put one up just for the dogs…

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