Season of Giving- a Social Media Campaign is a great way to give to someone who keeps giving of himself- Mark Horvath…


If you don’t know who Mark Horvath is, here’s a link to his story…

The reason I am highlighting Mark Horvath is that he is was once homeless and now spends his life helping bring awareness to people in the United States that are now homeless on his online show…  He does interviews with homeless people through out the country and then uses Social Media and his website to share their stories, the stories of Invisible People…  In my view a true American Hero caring for other people who are in need!!!  I don’t know how much money he has raised, but he is making a mark and helping many people who truly need help…

So many people think that the homeless just didn’t try hard enough, but in this day and time of so few jobs, there are many now who are filling tent cities and for what ever reason, find themselves homeless now… I can relate some, I have taken into my home a friend who also found himself homeless, as he fights for his last home that is rented out and trying to save money for lawyers and property taxes…

In June 2010, the National Alliance to End Homelessness ( did the numbers; “The Alliance research brief Economic Bytes: Doubled up in the United States estimates that there are 4.85 million people (individuals and persons in families) living in housing units with extended family, friends, and other non-relatives due to economic hardship, earning no more than 125 percent of the federal poverty level. This map shows how many of the 4.85 million reside in each of the 50 states. This ranges from a low of 4,330 in Vermont to a high of 725,899 in California.”  Go to the interactive link to see just how many homeless people are estimated in your state:

My Idea:

There are times I am at my girlfriend’s house and as she relaxes from her day of IT security, she uses her TIVO, to watch one show named “The Talk” with  Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Remini and Marissa Jaret Winokur…

I have been watching it with her in my ever attempting of learning to understand Women’s Views and the way they think for marketing and understanding Women’s buying power…  So I sit on the sofa with my girlfriend as I tweet or work on my Powerbook, this last Friday I started looking at their website…

On “The Talk‘s” website, I came across an area for future show themes, one of which was “Hometown Heroes”, and instantly I thought to Mark Horvath- who I believe is a True Hero more people should hear about and he should be on that show for that theme…

Then thought maybe this would make for great for Mark to be on the show and maybe his being able to not only meet the hosts, but since Mark Horvath use to play in rock bands… Maybe somehow a request for him to meet Sharon’s husband Ozzy Osborn or some other Rock Stars (I’m going to see if a friend of mine would know of some who would meet him) as such shows sometimes do for people in a way to give back to good people…

I got to thinking about Social Media as I looked at The Talk’s website and their Facebook Fan page…  I’ve written about Mark in my blog- “Making a difference- Mark Horvath of is a Hero for all!: So again I write to see if maybe there are other good people out in Social Media that would help to give back to someone who has given so much for such a good cause…

I am going to be getting in contact with as many of my Social Media friends I can, and see if maybe they will Tweet and Post this article to see if maybe we can get Mark Horvath on “The Talk” for their upcoming show “Hometown Heroes”!!!

So Post his name in The Talk’s FaceBook Fan Page for “Hometown Heroes”…  Link Mark’s Video Interviews, write something about him, lets see if maybe we can get as many people as possibly to help get Mark on the show and to highlight his cause of Homeless People in America-!!!

The Talk- Website:

Future Show Topic: Hometown Heroes


Twitter: @TheTalk_CBS

Mark Horvath of


His Blog:


Twitter: @hardleynormal


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