Social Media Means Being Social with “Like”…

It’s nice to be noticed and also to know someone “Likes” your statement or viewpoint…  There is something also nice and personal even, when someone that is in larger spotlights reads and “likes” your Post or Comment…

Now, I chat with lots of people, from all over the world, which is one of the best features of the internet since the internet first started growing out of the universities and colleges, when it was called eWorld…  People I would never have the opportunity of meeting in my hometown without a stoplight from all sorts of professions and livelihoods…  But every so often it’s nice to know your views are seen and appreciated… That is one thing that is nice about Facebook’s “Like” feature…  You get a chance to see who “Likes” your Post and it’s an easy way to compliment or agree with a post you view and enjoy…

This morning I was doing my normal morning stuff,  some Social Media while drinking a mug full of java, as I was getting my woodstove going better from the bed of coals left from the night…  I was bouncing between Facebook and Twitter, reposting somethings of interest, commenting on others, when I noticed something about the Whitehouse having a live open  forum on Facebook about Bullying…!/WhiteHouse/posts/195747797115135

Now this subject I thought was a good thing and started looking at the comments…  I felt it odd some people seemed to forget last year and the number of kids that had problems with Bullying and the number of deaths and suicides because of it, so made a comment… 

A few minutes later, as I was reading some other FaceBook links, I noticed the little blue window in the corner of the screen saying someone “Liked” my comment…  I glanced over, then did a double take, recognizing the name, so clicked back to the article…  The person who “Liked” my comment was Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook…

Now was this really Mark Zuckerberg or was it a fan, I’ll probably never know, but it is nice to think it was and it did give me a nice feeling…  I would think if my site was hosting the Whitehouse, I too would want to be part of it this way and leave “Likes” to the views of people who where thinking to it helping  the kids…

This is the main point of Social Media, the “Being Social“…  A “Like” is like a Compliment or agreement… When someone “Likes” your comments, images, videos and links, it makes you feel good and to know someone as busy as Mark Zuckerberg spent some time and reads comments, then “Likes” that comment, it makes you feel noticed, when you think to the over 500 million subscribers using Facebook…

Being “Social” in Social Media is a point that many of the most respected people in Social Media talk and write about such as Liz Strauss, Chris Brogan, Gary Vaynerchuk and Scott Stratten to name a few…  They all talk about “Being Social and Communicating using Social Media…

So next time your reading your Facebook listings, or an image, video and such and you see something you enjoy, Be Social- “Like” and Leave a Comment… You never know who might be reading your comments…

Also Very Important- Bullying!!!

The White house during the event, announced a new website for parents, students and teachers and those involved with children to help put a Stop to Bulling:

Social Media Professionals I mentioned above and their Twitter Names & Sites:

Liz Strauss (Twitter: @lizstrauss)-
Chris Brogan (Twitter: @chrisbrogan)-
Gary Vaynerchuk (Twitter: @garyvee)-
Scott Stratten (Twitter: @unmarketing)-


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