Sometimes I think about the Internet, Living in Rural America…

I was sitting back this morning, listening to Clint Black’s song – “Haywire” and it got me to thinking as my internet connection seemed to slow right down to a dribble…  Being in a town without a stoplight and the cows just might still out populate the people…  The Internet that sometimes seems to slow down to a steady crawl, not the speed sometimes of Wi-Fi, even though I am connected to the DSL…

I get thinking as I walk or drive by cow fields that have electric barbwire around them, the steady snap sound of the electric going through it…  A wire you don’t really want to touch or walk too close to on damp mornings when the dew makes your shoes soaked from the droplets on the grass…

Is that where my Internet connection goes?  From my house to the field next door, then to the next pole, to the next house online, then to the next field, three laps around with three levels of barbwire…  Then to the next and so on…  The Internet connections of Rural America, lapping around cow fields…

When I loose connection, I often wonder if one of those fences, the barbwire is broken and somewhere there are cows running around Mooing; “We’re Free, RUN before they milk us dry”…

Are you in Rural America, in a small town or out in the country side and wonder just why your internet connection seems so slow?

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