Where Do You Rank in Google+ New Statistics Service?

If your interested in where you rank as an influencer or your use of Social Media on Twitter or Facebook, there are sites that provide algorithms on your use, engagement and rankings like Klout or Tweet Grader…  Now there are statistics for those using Google+

Google+ Statistics tracks the top 100 users and the most popular posts on Google+http://socialstatistics.com…  Not only does it show the top users, but you have the opportunity to see your own stats, how many follow/followers you have and search for the most popular posts…  All I feel valuable tools for understanding your social media engagement and yes, where you rank…

From what I have read there are 18-20 million subscribers to Google+ and a lot of positive things being written about it…  I think it’s a good service so far in it’s first month of BETA testing…  Will see as they add a few more services and refine the rough edges and make improvements for when they go fully public with Google+

I checked my rank out on Social Statistics and found that of the 37,885 people that are trying this new Google+ Stat service, that I ranked in the top 7.8%, with a rank of 4,855th

Not too bad for a single artist owning a small studio in a town without a stoplight living in the rural countryside of Central New York State…

Where do you Rank in Google+?


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