Artists, would you like an invite into the Google+ Project?

I’ve had the chance to be trying out Google+ Project now for 18 days, with receiving an invite from my friend Jason Sadler of…  Which I might add, was very nice of his to offer it to me…  I had been very interested in all the buzz of the previous couple weeks from friends that had gotten in while I was in VA on family matters and I was very interested in this new Social Media Service I was hearing about…

Google+ Project is in BETA form now, only Personal Accounts, and are gearing up to add later Business Pages…  The test market using it now has some of the top internet innovators, designers, IT, artists, photographers, writers, web designers, writers and news people are among the 18-20 millions subscribers of the new Google+ Project many of you have been hearing about…  Basically some of the highest and most frequent up to date Social Media users seem to be on there, and they have invited their friends…  Looks like a great service to add with the other online services Google offers…

I myself have managed to see, chat and get to know many Artists, Photographers and Writers from all over the country and world here through using the Personal Pages that Google is offering in this BETA social Media Service…  Amazing at the raw, exciting talent and inspirations that I have met already and looking forward to meeting and seeing more!!!

Google+ made an announcement yesterday, that they are rolling out a new service and will be allowing 150 more friends of current users already enjoying the Google+ Project to be invited…

My question to you, would you like to receive an invite to get to start using Google+? 

All you need is a Gmail account, and remember to use your Real Name in your Profile & there is no major selling at the moment, Business pages are coming out soon…

So Feel free to drop me your name, your Art Website URL and I’ll send YOU an invite with the 1st 150 requests: charles@ArtistPrints.Biz

I’ll try to send the Google+ Invites out this evening and in the morning…

You can locate me on Google+ here if you have any questions…


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