Do you listen to music when writing?

MusicTypewriterI was doing a bit of writing, and got to thinking what other people do when they write, do you listen to music while you are writing?

If you happen to follow me in Facebook and see a Spotify posting that I am listening to music without song, often classical piano or jazz music- I am probably writing…

The stories of songs bring too many images in my head, I’m dyslexic and see my thoughts as pictures…  To listen to music with words being sung, telling a story I end up seeing too many of those images too, cluttering my own ideas I am attempting to share…

Closing my eyes, I allow the sound and rhythm of the music to tune out the non silence- motor vehicles that drive by the house, the snoring of my two dogs, the sound of the printer, hum of the fan in the computer and the sound of my breath even my heart…  For me this is full focus, the idea as images start growing, the many images of a single idea start to form, like watching the many pieces of an item spinning and flipping into place on a computer generated animation, 3D objects each finding their place in a kind of motion picture that to write, I need to find the words to paint to describe it…

There is no technical writing, I am just not that kind of writing, as I can only find ways to describe the images, story telling to me is the only way…  There are no words spoken that only I hear, unless it is thinking to someone’s writing I read and I know their voice, then I hear their voice as I read…  But this is my own writings, and the only voice I hear is the single word, as I locate the letters on the keyboard for that word, then the next word with my fingers trying to keep up…  Slowly the words like strokes of a paint brush describes the part of the image or moving image I see in my head…  As if to speak as I think, without thinking too much to what I am saying, just describing it as best I can with words like paint…

To watch me type, one would see me intently staring at the keys, my fingers trying to locate the correct keys in what has turned into my way to writing that works for me and I have been practicing for so many years since finding out I was dyslexic and that I also needed to figure out how to write better…

If I am creating visually, I already have the image in my head, and I allow my experience to figure out the how to convey that image…  This I find easy, and enjoy listening to many kinds of music while drawing, painting doing photography or graphic design…  But to write, I need to focus and that means music without song…

Do you listen to music as you write?  If so, what kind?


2 Responses

  1. The music I listen to depends on the scene I’m writing. If it’s a dark character moment, Evanscence. If it’s romantic, anything by the Civil Wars… and if I’m editing entire chapters, why then it has to be classical music or jazz. I find the complexity of the music matches the task at hand. As I also think in pictures, the music helps me remained focused on a task that can be quite dull at times.

  2. i think i heard about this not too long ago, still interesting though,

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