Are you a “C-c-cl-Clicker”?

ClickerI just found myself doing it again- click, click, then harder, “CLICK”, moving it around a few times as if that would work, Click, click, click really fast, then motioning itin a tiny circle really fast while clicking quickly, then a few lifting of the mouse and tapping it on the surface of the table- Tap, tap, tap, click, click…  No matter what I did, the batteries were dead…

Taking the back off, unloading the now dead batteries, looking at the recharger for the two pair I need charged up for such times…  Suddenly I got thinking to how many of my friends and me included will do the all sorts of funny things to get that last click out of the remote control for the TV, DVD player or stereo…  The wave and lifting up and down the remote while pushing the button over and over…  Then standing up to aim directly, stepping one step closer to click again, Shake it or tap it against the coffee table and try one more time before resolving to those batteries being dead too…

Then as I was loading the new batteries in, got thinking to getting in an elevator, how I have laughed at some people who will push that button repeatedly, as if that little button and repeated pushing is going to make a 3-4+ ton elevator move any quicker…

And when your cell phone dies, we almost always turn it one one last time with just enough juice in it to show the IOS starting to turn on, then that black screen…  How many times to you push your buttons?

Aren’t we humans funny with our trying to get that little bit more, even though we should know the effort spent on elevators, remotes, cell phones and mouse, pushing

buttons and click, click, clicking is just a waisted effort…

Are you a “C-c-cl-Clicker”?


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